Color Drama To Update Your Autumn Look

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Add Color Drama To Update Your Autumn Look - Fotd

Autumn Is Finally Here

When the leaves begin to fall the Autumn shades come out to play. We don’t all have to buy a new face full of makeup though to create our own piece of Autumn. The easiest way to play with trends I’ve learned over the last year is a lip colour can change everything. For me it means I can keep everything else simple but with just a few swipes of this lip pencil it’s a game changer. Now we’ve all likely seen the references of Maybelline’s Color Drama being a dupe for Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencils but I don’t feel the same way. I am however comparing them to another product so I’ll write about that soon. For now Berry Much is my go to lip colour for Autumn. I did start with this quite muted, you can draw this out to more of a stain by using your finger to sheer the depth out. I do like this as it’s very on trend for this particular season. You can create this look like you’ve just eaten berries by applying the pencil to the center of the lips & blurring out the edges with a clean finger. Me being me I couldn’t help myself & wanted to see it in all it’s glory and I happy with it.

Color Drama Berry Much – The Lowdown

  • Creamy application
  • Can get crisp clean line 
  • dries to a matte finish
  • stays there until you remove it
  • Can be worn sheer to opaque

Get The Quick Color Drama Look

For the look as I said I kept everything else minimalist but with a few key features to keep the face from being bleached out especially with my skin being so pale. First creating a soft focus skin with the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation it’s easy to apply fast, it keeps my skin from hitting dewy or rather sweaty would be more like it. I then add colour to my cheeks with the Clinique All Over Colour in Poppy Plum bringing some warmth & a little highlight in the mix. The eyes are a basic contour duo in Macs Blanc Type over the lid and Cork in the crease. I then added a coat of Maybelline’s Great Lash which has been a long time love of mine. this is the Updated version Big! I think I’ll have to get the original to see if there’s a difference. Since I bought the Big version I can’t seem to find it, I’m kinda wondering if it was a limited edition thing? The one thing I missed out of the image below is the Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Liner in Nude. It’s important not to miss this out in your water line. When wearing plum shades I find my eyes look more red than ever. This fixes that I don’t look like I had no sleep whether I did or not.

Add Color Drama To Update Your Autumn Look - Fotd - products

Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much can be bought

from Boots or Superdrug for £4.99.