Coconut – A Heavenly Scented Bath Time

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Coconut - A Heavenly Scented Bath Time - mi


It’s only be three days since I last wrote something but it feels much longer. I’ve had one of those weeks that just seems to take it out of you. I feel like my brain cells were leaking out of my ears & nothing was left enough for me to write. One of the most calming places I have is the bathroom. It’s small with a little window where the ledge is heaving with skin care products and even the edge of the bath is covered in bits. It’s one of the few places I can listen to random music, sing my heart out very much out of tune & let go of some of that stress.

Coconut Lovin

Bubble Bath Fun

As you can see some of these pieces have been well used up but in specific ways. Firstly for a decent bath there has to be bubbles, preferably loads lets not pretend were adult about these things.It helps that the Philosophy Coconut Frosting is a big bottle at 480 ml. It has a lovely scent that smells natural and not overly sweet , I’m not getting in a bath with a Bounty bar. The bubbles stay for a long time but I find the scent disappears faster. I like that the Philosophy bath foams don’t get in the way of washing your hair. They don’t leave any residue or make your hair feel weird. I noticed this the last time I used a Lush Comforter bubble bar. Had to wash my hair with the shower afterwards & I’m not a girl who likes to repeat herself. If I buy this again which it’s getting to the festive season I’m going to go back to the Cinnamon Buns scent.

Silky Smooth – Shower Gel

In my long time well spent in the bath I find shaving the most boring & laborious task of all. I’ve used shaving gels, foams and random shower gels before & still I manage to cut myself somehow, you’d think I’d have learnt by now. I do have Psoriasis on my knees but I found this coconut shower gel managed to help the shaver glide past these raised patches of skin. It’s really thick & it’s great when your shaving while sat in the bath. It sticks to your skin really well so when you shave if your leg goes back under the water it doesn’t disappear. You can just carry on at a leisurely pace then rub your legs to foam it away. It helps even with the disposable razors to leave me with soft smooth skin. I already have a backup which I’m very pleased about as I can’t do without this one.

Skin Softening – Body Butter

Once I’m out the shower I’m giving a really good go at trying to moisturise my body. It’s a boring job but a recent discovery has helped this along. Another Body Shop product the coconut body butter has instantly become a favourite. I was on a no buying body butter ban from January and I’ve only just ran out which shows how many I had. It’s almost solid but as soon as I use it skins in quickly. I absolutely adore this stuff. My only bother with colder months is my skin drying out. This makes me want to use it even more than I probably need to!

Whats your loved bath time scents?