Cobalt or Violet? Laura Mercier Long Wear Creme Eye Pencils

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Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - products cobalt violet

Who Buys Cobalt and Violet Anyway?

You know when you get buy some make up in the sales and knowing¬†it’s now or never? Well these are that for me. The Laura Mercier Long Wear Eye Pencils were a set of minis at half price from Christmas. It in you got five shades Noir, Espresso, Khaki, Cobalt and Violet. At the time the first two I knew I’d use and the Khaki I would attempt but the Cobalt and violet kinda felt like those extra shades you get in palettes that nobody really uses.

That was 6 months ago, me now I can actually manage eyeliner that isn’t in the water line. I’ve tried many techniques and products and become borderline addicted to the stuff still a work in progress with the cats eye look though. These Laura Mercier ones I kinda always put to the back because I didn’t want to waste them. What I realise now is not using them is wasting them. If I buy something more than drugstore I want to get my moneys worth.

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - self 3 cobalt violet


Before I get into the pros ill explain my main niggle. It’s a creme product in a pencil that has to be sharpened. If you don’t the line gets way too thick and you can’t really get an even look on both eyes, you have to sharpen after the first eye is done. These are from a set so they are smaller than the normal ones that’s OK. Sharpening feels like I’m throwing a lot of product away though. This is where the Smashbox Always Sharp really do stand out no sharpener, no mess and no waste.

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - eyes cobalt violet
Failure on the super shiny nose!


Once you get past that niggly feeling the actual product is really good. It’s super creamy so it glides over rather than tugging. I still pull the eyelid taught to get a good line but as you can see you can get pretty close to the bottom of your eye lashes. This eyeliner is great for quick use but once you’ve applied it theirs little room for error. This sets and the stays there until you remove it. You can wipe it instantly after you use it and it will come off but after 30 seconds theirs no altering it not even with micellar water. This can be a bad thing for some people but if you out all day and in hot or rainy weather this lasts as long as you can.

I really love that the colour translates onto the eye, some products look one way in the pot then have no pigment when it’s on the eye. The cobalt and violet is as blue and opaque as they are looking at the pencil. What you see is what you get.

Blue is very on trend this summer, in fact brights always make a show but this year it’s blue that is holding strongest. I think in this photo the cobalt is brighter and more out there than the violet. I think I would more likely wear the cobalt shade but then again if it’s the main feature both can carry a look off on their own.

Tobuy the Laura Mercier Long Wear Creme Pencils they are £18