Get It Quick While You Can Clinique Magazine Freebie

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Could the above photo be the most random collection of items possible bought by a beauty blogger & photographed together? Well I’m under the weather with Tonsilitis & these are the things I bought to make me happier. My fella fetched me Rock N Roll Bride Magazine which if you want an amazing alternative style wedding this is the magazine for you! The Matchmakers are his as I can’t eat chocolate anymore but the pesto was my idea cause I love me some spicy comfort food, possibly into a lasagna which he might blog about soon over on Pies,Pizza & Pasta. Peanut Butter Ben & Jerry’s is purely medicinal to sooth my throat not because Peanut Butter anything is my addiction or anything… back to why your here this Clinique Freebie.

Instyle Magazine – Clinique Freebie

Get It Quick While You Can Clinique Magazine Freebie - close up


This is one of those skincare items that for me would be far out of reach & not even a I might be able to afford it if I don’t eat this week sort of product. What I will say is if you already buy Clinique Smart Serum at any size bottle then buy up every magazine because it’s a saving at every level. I suggest getting family & friends to help as they seem to be leaving the shelves fast.

30ml = £48 = 3 magazines at £11.97

50ml = £68 = 5 magazines at £19.95

100ml = £110 = 10 magazines at £39.95

Clinique Smart Custom Serum

A serum that can change your skin’s future. Now there’s a custom serum smart enough to understand your skin’s past and change its appearance in the future. – Addresses the appearance of uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, firming, or radiance – For all ages, all ethnicities – Five years of research. Patented technology – Clinique

I’ve actually been trying the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum I was giving a trial for the last month also a freebie when I bought Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer. I’m going to give a gap between this one & that to see if I miss the Advance Night Repair. I haven’t seen big results from it maybe its one of those things where you see it when you’re not using it. If you can let me know how you got on with it as I’m still feeling like it wouldn’t be worth buying it? Maybe that’s just me as I remember the crazy blogger hype that went with it… If you can suggest a good one for pigmentation I have a small sun spot (splodge) below my eye that bugs me!

Extra Freebie

You also get a sample of the Garnier Body Oil Beauty Restoring Lotion for Extra Dry Skin which I seem to have collected multiple samples off that I’m going to give a go at too. The normal skin one just wasn’t enough for me so this hopefully will be better.

Have you seen any great freebies this month? I’m so bored of the fact it’s only still April & we are on to a June issue why can’t they make sense with months!

Jess x