Clinique Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner

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When I bought this I was on a bit of a “must own all the Clinique Black Honey” make-up products moment. I had just picked up the Christmas Set which I posted on & it was my birthday, this was the final piece I could get hold of. I love the Quickliner for Eyes Intense & thought this would be a good replacement as the quickliner seems limited to the sets. It looks so cute in its packaging although I did expect it to be in a glass pot because it wasn’t a drugstore brand. That being said in hindsight it’s safer for traveling with & much lighter. This cream liner even comes with a little brush which is nice in theory but I found it pretty useless. The handle alone beings so dinky made it impossible to work with any degree of accuracy.

Black Honey But Different

Clinique Black Honey Brush-On Cream Liner - product 2

Like I said I was hoping for the same black honey shade but in a different formula. When I bought it I was so wrapped up in getting it I didn’t swatch it first. If I had I think in my mind I wouldn’t have bought it which would have been a shame. For some weird reason the Brush-On Cream Liner has gold glitter in it, not huge chunks luckily but still… gold glitter! I was so disappointed that I’d brushed it off for at least 4 months It just made me a sad every time I saw it on my shelf being left unloved. So I gave it a chance a few times with the brush provided which just failed, then I tried my Eco Tools Angled Brush but it was too thick & was over the top for what I wanted. Then came a super cheap fix which was so brilliant I had to let you in on it.

The Brush On Cream Liner Fix

Clinique Black Honey Brush-On Cream Liner - eyes

Only a few weeks back I popped into Wilkinson’s to look at the Essence make-up stand. One of the items I bought was an angled liner brush (see post for more information) which cost me a whopping £1.50. I can’t say it’s perfect in the way the synthetic strands are cut you can see it was done cheaply. However it’s very fine edge to it redeems this and when you use it you wouldn’t notice it. What it does is give me the finest line I’ve ever created with any eyeliner. I have hooded eyes & thick eyeliner just makes the lid look even smaller.

Black Honey + Glitter?

I have a thing, I hate glitter, I’m just not the girly girl type. However this is one of the nicest, easy to use eyeliners ever even with the glitter. With the Essence brush I can place this right into the lash line then build it up as I want it. I dip the brush in then use the back of my hand to work the brush on both sides of the flat to get a fine point. You get enough time to apply it before it dries. Once its dry it’s unusable or alterable without make-up remover. I think that’s why you get a good size pot of it as you waste some in the process. That beings said I’ve kept using it & the actual pot hasn’t dried out it’s a creamy as it was when I bought it.

What I love most about Black Honey is it takes the edge of what normally would be a black eyeliner. Black can look harsh on me & for day time looks it’s too much. Black Honey is at a distance just a hint of colour that adds something special to a basic contoured eye look. At a distance the glitter as in the gold shade in barely seen to the eye but it does add a sparkle that reflects light without being a disco ball! A tip if you do go astray & need to fix it do it with cotton buds, I did do it once with a cotton pad & had glitter flecks down my cheeks for the rest of the day. That’s another great thing about this it lasts all day, as it all day & into the night it doesn’t budge. It’s a bit of a pain to get it off but an oil cleanser should do the trick, it’s no worse than Urban Decay Eye Pencils.

Clinique Black Honey Brush-On Cream Liner - full face

This is one of those liners that if you don’t buy it because of the glitter then your missing out on a great eyeliner. It’s wearable during the day & workable with the matching Black Honey eyeshadow (or it’s much cheaper dupe – see post) as a night-time look. I find most liner to be trouble, this is the first one that I have created such a smooth fine line & not spent half an hour fixing it! I really need to add the True Black shade of this to my next wish list. What are your favourite cream liners & can you recommend any liner brushes?

Clinique Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner 10 ml £16.50