Clearcalm 3 Clay Cleanser – Ren Review

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Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser - mi

Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Cleanser

Ren – A purifying, antibacterial cleanser formulated to combat and help prevent breakouts and blemishes. 

This is one of those purchases I made that I really wanted to give it a good go at. I used this sometimes as a morning cleanser and would switch it as a night cleanser ever few weeks to see how I prefered to use it. I have spots and so the idea of a clay based cleanser used every day sounded appealing as I use clay masks all the time.

Clearcalm 3 – Price

Ren is a brand that is normally a little out of my reach as the price point is quite high for me. But when I picked it up it was 33% extra free so you got 200 ml instead of the 150 ml. At £18 this was the tipping point that made me try it out as it would give me more product so would last longer. I used this for just over 13 weeks between 4th March and 4th June. The bottle has about 90 uses in it and I like that it means you use the same amount each day there’s no guessing or wasting here. If if was the normal bottle it would last 70 uses or just over 1 month if used day and night.

Clearcalm 3 – In Use

I guess that how something looks shouldn’t matter but it made a difference to how I used it. The bottle is beautifully simple and designed so you don’t waste the product. The pump and shape of the bottle allows for easy grip and dispensing. The Clearcalm cleanser is a very creamy clay which goes on very smoothly and one pump is enough for the face and neck. If it feels like it’s not spreading just add a splash of water on your hands and keep massaging it in. Just wash away with a warm wet flannel and your sorted.

Clearcalm 3 – Final Thoughts

This is without a doubt for me the most luxurious feeling cleanser I’ve owned and used. Dose it deep clean? Yes. I prefered using this in the mornings as it helps get the grime and sweat ( lovely thought) from when I’ve slept off my face. I feel refreshed but not dried out and my skin feels better for it. This made the morning cleanse feel like it was worth doing as I could instantly feel the difference. It did keep some spots at bay but on its own I wasn’t expecting miracles and still got the odd few.

That being said if I used this as my only cleanser it would be for me quite expensive. If you can afford it then by all means go for it but I will still be searching for something I can love and afford to stick with.

On the Ren website it is still on offer with 33% extra free if you do fancy a go.

Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser £18

The next cleanser I’m using is the Perricone Md Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser. Seems odd seen as it’s normally £35 but I picked this up at T.K.Maxx for just £12.99 and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it out.