Clay Masks – Face Off – Tea Flower v Manuka Honey

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una brennan v good things clay masks - MI

Lets just say as far as clear skin goes this it not my week. I’m thinking it’s a mixture of super hot green house heat at work,a dirty greasy mucky work place and not being able to avoid touching my face at work. There’s a theme here I think? Either way I’ve been turning to my clay masks to try to clear my skin.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that when looking on the tube of a face mask sees the ingredient Kaolin and buys it. The thin is most of us know it’s the clay bit but what does it actually do?

Kaolin in Clay Masks

Kaolin ( or china clay) is basically a soft white clay. It can be used to for paper making, ceramics and most importantly to us face masks. It is very absorbent and helps to pull all those nasty bits lurking in our pores. Take notice on the fact that it’s normally second in the ingredient list of most clay masks. This is only second to water, yes it’s beneficial for your skin but it’s also a way to bulk a product out. It’s kinda of like a way to hold all the other ingredient together and gives it a texture that will stick to the skin. To say it’s used in a multiple number of cleansers and face masks there aren’t any real scientific or clinical data.

una brennan v good things clay mask 2
The closest you’ll come to seeing my face this week!

Super Facialist By Una Brennan – Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Mask – 125 ml £8.99

I’ve been using this one on and off for about 3 months and it’s pretty much the most hyped about drugstore mask there is. I jumped on the band wagon as I had to see what all the fuss is about. Anything that has the words pore purifying or salicylic acid in it and I’m there. On first use I can honestly say whatever tea flower should or does smell like I’m not loving it. However it not stinky just when you have anything that close to your face or literally on it then I prefer something more subtle. I find the masks that work for me tend to do a funny dry circle pattern on my nose around the pores. Like its drying the icky stuff out of them, I like to use this as an inbetween mask. I’ll use one’s aimed at doing something specific 2-3 times a week and between that on bath days I’ll use this or the next one. I always make sure I use a good moisturiser afterwards as it helps the spots but with that they tend to dry the rest of my already dry skin out.

Good Things – Manuka Radiance Face Mask – 100 ml £5.99

Now I’ve only had this one a month but I think I’ve used it enough to times to know what I think of it. This has a thicker texture than the tea flower mask but is just as creamy. I like the smell it’s honey in a sweet way but not sickly. It’s suggested to leave this on 10 minutes but I rarely go by time I just see if I can’t move my face so I know it’s dry. A good tip don’t apply a super thick layer like they suggest. If it’s still wet after the time they say then none of that goodness is touching your skin anyway. I like to use this on a weekend if I’m going out but not in a rush. I feel in myself that it brightens my face, weather that translates after makeup who knows but it makes me feel happier. I also don’t worry this will break me out the day before something important. It feels a little more gentle as it’s aiming for hydrating as well as spots.

Which of these clay masks wins?

They both for me help clear spots a little faster, they both have the tingle factor to them but Tea Flower does work quicker. However this can feel a drying afterwards, it’s fixable but the Manuka mask I could easily wash it off in the bath and if I don’t do my skin care after it feels fine. You get more in the Tea Flower but the actually product feels more liquid that creamy or clay. On the amount of product versus the price the Tea Flower is more expensive.

Overall I think I’d repurchase the Good Things Manuka Honey it’s not going to fight all your face battles at once but I feel like it does a combination of things to help other issues out. I think Good Things doesn’t get the attention it deserves and I’m hoping to try more from this brand in the future.