Cinnamon Buns Take Snow Fairys No1 Spot As Favorite Shower Gel

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When I think of Christmas the first thing I think is Lush Snow Fairy shower gel and when it will be coming out, it’s my girly comfort zone and one of few things I don’t mind glitter in. That being said and it’s there in the title I have a new favourite. When I think of shower gel if I’m being honest the clean bit is second to the scent. I know that which ever shower gel I buy it’s going to get my skin clean and it’s always used after a scrub so it’s not got that much work to do.

Philosophy - Cinnamon Buns

With that thought in my mind has now been blown away…

Philosophy in my view has always been a brand that has interested me but I just haven’t been able to justify the price tag that goes with it. On a trip into John Lewis I showed it my sister and made her sniff it to see how amazing it smelt and somehow I ended up with it for Christmas… shock!

The scent isn’t just cinnamon buns, well not in the idea if you think of say Tescos or even Starbucks version of a cinnamon bun. They are lovely but on a trip to Manchester I got to go into Rollers a small diner tucked away inside the Arndale shopping center. The basically sell cinnamon rolls in about 4 or 5 different versions all freshly made that day and smothered in glaze. When I first smelt Philosophys shower gel I didn’t quite understand the scent until I walked into Rollers that day and was hit by the fresh sweet cinnamon smell.

Like I said it’s not all just about the smell that’s just a big part of it, the other is that after using it as soon as I get out the shower I normally have to moisturise straight away but with this I could feel how soft my skin felt. I assumed all shower gels were the same but that feeling after using it is just luxurious. I don’t feel striped bare anymore and as you can see above I still have half of my Snow Fairy left. I still love it but for now it’s been pushed to the side lines in favour of this one.

The Philosophy Cinnamon Buns shower gel is £14.50 but this is for 480 ml and a little on a body polisher foams up and goes a long way. I also think that for the amount you get the price makes sense in relative cost. I thought this was a limited Christmas one but it seems like I can get my sweet fix all year round. Think I may have to try the Coconut Frosting or the Birthday Cake version next.

This can also be used as a bath foam ( but I only have a shower ) & as shampoo but I haven’t tried that yet.

You can find out more in my updated post here about Cinnamon Buns & more of their scents.

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