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Christmas Cupcake Wax Tart By Yankee Candles

Christmas Cupcake Wax Tart By Yankee Candles

Bah, Humbug!

I feel like I’ve been a bad Christmas blogger this year, it’s been a stress head kinda month and not festive & fun. I’ve counted the days not just to Christmas but the fact that where I work shuts down for the holidays. It’s not in the spirit of Christmas but I need a break from everything to recharge for the new year. I have lots of resolutions in mind as there will be lots going on and I’ll write about that in the New Year.

Christmas Cupcake

Christmas Cupcake Wax Tart By Yankee Candles - fi

I’ve written before about Yankee Candles probably this time last year as I only really use them when it’s cold. I’ve had a lot of Wax Tarts but never given them a go because I wasn’t sure they would even work. The burner above was meant for oils so I’m not even sure that I was supposed to use it but what the hell, it’s me! It’s as simple as placing a tea light underneath and the wax tart (without the wrapper) on top. It takes about 5 minutes for it to initially melt depending on how cold the room is but it’s worth the wait.

Christmas Cupcake I expected it to be more of a festive scent but it’s just supposed to be a vanilla cupcake with sweet frosting. That’s fine by me but putting Christmas in front of cupcake does not make it Christmassy! What I will say is it does smell like you’ve just been baking which is lovely. This one wax tart filled the entire space with scent & even going back into the room later it was still scented. I expect its small size to last not longer than the tea light I used. What I found when it had cooled down was hardly any was missing. If you like candles for the scent over the warming effect these I think would be more cost-effective that the mini candles they do. I think I could get at least 5 days worth out of one wax tart which is usually £1.49 each.

Christmas Cupcake isn’t available as it was a last year festive edition but if you go to Yankee Candles site there are many more available.


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