Weight Watchers Food Diary 15.07.16

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Since downloading my Weight Watchers app I’ve been a bit hit and miss filling it out. Because of this I’ve decided to put everything I eat online in a food diary. This is to give me a place I can easily look back on week by week to see how I’m progressing. Of course the aim is to loose weight which is why I’m following the plan in the first place. My problem is accountability & pretending that chocolate didn’t happen! I’m following the Smart Points system which is the latest version of Weight Watchers. Continue reading “Weight Watchers Food Diary 15.07.16”

WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy

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If your new to my little piece f the internet then read on if not you can skip down to the next part. WIMM is short for Where Is My Mind to say all the odd, weird & wonderful things that are going on. Absolutely anything that’s been floating around that I want to share with you. This week that’s me still trying to lose weight which is slow progress, a family birthday party & why my husband get’s points for his Grey’s Anatomy present! Continue reading “WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy”

Blueberry Smoothies – Are They Good For You?

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On my recent smoothie journey I feel like I’m learning more than I ever did before. About a month ago I would have seen eating fruit as super healthy & impossible to manage your 5 a day! I know that includes veg but I still never really managed it. Now I’m looking into sugar in fruit, the micro nutrients (vitamins) & know full well that all smoothies aren’t created equally especially when it comes to Pintrest. Such a vast amount of ideas for smoothies but often they’re very similar I think you have to go with what you like the taste of more than anything so you can stick to it happily not begrudgingly!

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Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie

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In another attempt to get healthier (lose weight) I’ve gone & bought a Breville Blend Active. I’ve wanted to get one for at least a year but the first ones only had one bottle . When they brought them out with 2 bottles there just seemed to be no stock anywhere at all. Now they’ve brought out the Family pack which has 2 300 ml bottles & 2 600 ml bottles. If you haven’t seen this before it’s basically a blender for drinks but uses the bottles with a screw on blade attachment to blend your drink with. Less mess, no extra washing up & you get the right amount every time! I’ll also be doing Weight Watchers Pro Points as well so all the drinks I make will have the points for them.

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Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe – Weight Watchers PP + SP

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Only a quick update, I’m pointing again & hoping I won’t fail (said everyone pretty much ever!). Instead of showing you everything I’ve eaten like I did previously, each week I’m going to give you meal options that won’t kill all your points at once. I need to lose more than a few pounds so I’m starting on a decent amount points so keep that in mind. This pizza is so easy that I’m going to be making them, normally my fella who is a whiz kid in the kitchen cooks but he’s decided after 7 years he will teach me!

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