Johnson’s Luxe Feeling Makeup Remover Pads – Under £4

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I love finding skincare products that are above & beyond what you expected of them. When they come from the drugstore it’s even better, like the Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel I’m still using now. I picked these Johnson’s make-up remover pads up during a dash round Superdrug. When I think of Johnson’s it’s either wipes or Baby Shampoo but it looks like they have more in store for us than that.

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The Serum Trials – Estee Lauder & Clinique

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My skincare routine has been a little all over the place recently. With life in general getting in the way remembering to do my routine as soon as I get it went out the window. It’s more like bed time around 11pm, I need to go wash my face! So when I got these samples 1-2 months ago I decided that maybe a serum could help perk my skin up & make me want to try harder. Both were free samples which helped because these are on the expensive side of skincare.

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June Magazine Freebies

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I don’t like Mondays! I’m gonna have a guess & say you probably don’t love them either. So why not give yourself a bit of a treat & fetch a magazine, keep your eyes peeled for a certain few that I’ve picked up myself with the best freebies in them. Then get a nice drink preferably with lots of ice maybe alcoholic if the mood takes you, sit back & relax.

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Manuka Honey Peel Mask – Montagne Jeunesse

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It’s Sunday & religious or not should at least get one day of rest why not make it today you know you deserve & need it. There’s a good dose of nostalgia for me when I do peel masks, even more so when it’s from the Montagne Jeunesse brand. It’s a little reminder of my younger self who didn’t have a skincare routine & really believed that a face mask should fix everything. I  still have this in me when I use a peel because you relax for at least 10-15 minutes & in your head can put the world right. That inner voice has chance to shine because your outer one is stuck shut & you feel like you’re doing a little something to fix yourself at the same too. The first reasons are more important but the last will always perk you up. Any way what’s more satisfying than peeling it off once it’s dry!

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Deep Pore Purifier – A No7 Cleanser

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I guess that’s a strange remark to make about a cleanser that I only use it in the bath but it’s really not as weird as it may sound. The N07 Deep Pore Purifier is a bit of an odd one because of how you apply it using the tube itself to clan your skin with. It’s for all skin types but I think it’s going to be very Marmite you’ll either love it or hate it.

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