Tony Moly

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 I have little crazy moments when a new brand hits our UK shores. We recently got Kat Von D beauty here which has been such a long wait. I’m still wanting to try her infamous Tattoo Liner out which I hope will be sooner than later. However Korean beauty has been causing an evolution in the UK beauty brands who are slowly creating their own versions. We’ve all seen the BB, CC, DD & even EE creams but we always want more & from the source themselves. Come find out which shop has brought Tonly Moly to the UK.

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3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath

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I have many face masks in the bath room right now but unless it’s an over night specific like the Superdrug Glycolic mask I often forget to use them. However while I’m in the bath using a scrub or trying to keep my blonde hair healthy with a mask I may as well be multi-tasking. So I have a little routine that works well together to keep my skin clear. These are the 3 budget face masks that shouldn’t break the bank but still stop the breakouts. Continue reading “3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath”

Una Brennan Cleansers – Oil ‘V’ Water

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una brennan cleansing oil micellar cleansing water

When it comes to cleansing I like to feel like I’m making a difference to my skin. I can sometimes become a little blase about it but if I enjoy it then I’ll make the effort. With Superfacialist by Una Brennan I’ve not really tried much beyond the Tea Flower mask which I did like. I avoid anything that gets hype I’m such a cynic which is why it took so long for me to try these out. Continue reading “Una Brennan Cleansers – Oil ‘V’ Water”

Beauty Samples – Which Would I Buy?

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I often pick up a magazine or three because beauty samples came with it. It’s the perfect way to try before you have to buy the full size. However I often say I’ll save them for holidays then end up taking with me my favourites over bringing something I don’t know if I’ll like or potentially hate. So in a bid to do better I have tried out the above samples to see if I’m likely to purchase them with my own cash!

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So Much To Dew Sampar Overnight Mask

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When I bought this I loved it dearly for what a big change it made to my skin during the colder weather as a moisture mask. However its blazing sun one moment then thunder & lightening then next. It seems to be messing with my skin worse than winter does so I’ve busted this out to help calm & rehydrated. Sampar’s So Much To Dew has quality on side which should make up for the price tag, let me know if you’ve tried Sampar out. In fairness to my readers I picked this up at T.K.Maxx so didn’t pay full price for it but my opinions are the same either way.

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