Baskin & Robbins – My Birthday Cake

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This is a Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream cake which on a bit of a whim before Christmas I ordered for my 28th Birthday. It’s meant for 6-8 servings but it was a really cold day & it was about noon when we had it. There was about half left after 7 of us had a slice. This size is £19 but we did get a voucher for £5 so if you pop in to a store keep an eye out for their leaflets. Down to the important part, what ice-cream did I choose. I still went for a layer of cake as then I can call it one it was chocolate, tasted nice but it could be left out. You can instead of having cake have a third layer of ice cream. For my two layers I picked an old favourite Pralines & Cream (it’s amazing) & a new one that went with it really well was Hazelnut Chocolate. It was like a slightly more adult version of what is essentially for kids other than the bright purple icing I asked for! I loved the design on top with four mini cones which my little nephew loved!

How To Handle A Baskin & Robbins Ice-Cream Cake

What I will say is take a freezer bag with you & maybe even put some ice blocks with it to keep in frozen until you reach your party. We took it from store & went in a taxi as we don’t drive to my sister’s house which was about 10-15 minutes away. When we got there the mini cones were just starting to melt & on the photo you can see a drip from the frosting forming. This aside if you can get to your destination within this time window the cake about 95% of the cake was still frozen. I suggest a big knife as it took my step brother to cut it & always get an adult to do this part. Also depending on the flavours you get be careful as mine contained whole nuts which for kids can be hard to eat or possible allergies. It was also mentioned that if you don’t eat all the cake it can be put in the freezer for up to a year & it will still be good to eat.

You can see the other cakes available here from Baskin & Robbins.

If you have any great ideas for what Birthday cake I should go for next year let me know in the comments below.

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Resolutions For 2016 – Ones I Can Keep?

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Yes it’s that time for clichés to appear on the resolutions lists but I think it’s a fresh beginning. Why shouldn’t we be able to start over & give ourselves the chance to grow a little more. I also think that you need resolutions so you can actually work out what you want in life. It’s not always the end goal we end up with but trying & failing is better than never trying at all. Self improvement is never-ending & giving up happens all the time. So when someone tells you they have their resolutions ready don’t pull that face ( you know the ‘not again’ one) try & support your friends, you may find it helps you too! Continue reading “Resolutions For 2016 – Ones I Can Keep?”

Dr Martens Sale – Quality Over Quantity

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I can honestly say I’ve gone through at least 30 pairs of ballet flats. My first from Primark were £4 & I loved them simply for being a size 9 I could get my foot into. However I wear the shoes I own to death until there are actual holes in the bottom or they are so stretched out they have a flip-flop sound as I walk. I could wear boots but I have little patience for spending three weeks doing laces up, that included you Converse! However many times I kill shoes I end up getting more flats because they work with anything I wish to wear. However cheap Primark ones are it makes no difference, two pair of Hush Puppies died after a month. I’ve sent a pair of Evans flats back after the first wear because the sole came apart at the front! I’m going back to my teenage routes but with a compromise between feminine footwear & something I hope to be still wearing when I’m 30 (that’s 3 years away by the way) & beyond. It means buying less shoes but getting many more miles out of them.

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Periscope – Better Than Youtube?

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Who remembers MySpace? That little website that was the start of the social media revolution? Everyone wanted to be on it, a highly customisable digital bedroom wall of your own on the web. Then came Facebook a slow starter that spiraled out of control, it was more streamline, a clean modern space. I think it started off as a more adult place to chat with friend without all that Myspace fuss. Facebook now has more than a billion users which is a little mental & Myspace has been left in its quake.

When I first saw Periscope appear all over twitter I was a little gutted Android didn’t have an app. Luckily you could open a link from twitter on your computer to watch it which I think was quite genius. Luckily it was weeks rather than months before Periscope got Android an app as the web version you couldn’t write anything or send hearts, more on that in a minute. So what will live video streaming any time, any place with anyone watching do for us? Is Periscope the new Youtube?
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Where Is My Mind #15 – Healthy Eating & Netflix

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This week has been a freaking hot one I swear I nearly died at work on Wednesday. I’m stood in the corner on a huge warehouse building, all the doors were open including the shutter doors that go up to the ceiling & their was no breeze it was like a green house. My CNC lathe was kicking heat out just running but then I’d have to open the door & the water inside was steaming! Yes I’m complaining about the sun! I’m just not a fan of humid hot can’t sleep in it weather. I’ll be the first to say I love Autumn & bring on some Winter snow. But enough of that, where is my mind this week…

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