WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy

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If your new to my little piece f the internet then read on if not you can skip down to the next part. WIMM is short for Where Is My Mind to say all the odd, weird & wonderful things that are going on. Absolutely anything that’s been floating around that I want to share with you. This week that’s me still trying to lose weight which is slow progress, a family birthday party & why my husband get’s points for his Grey’s Anatomy present! Continue reading “WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy”

Movies I Was Sure I’d Hate – #WIMM

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I have watched so many films in my lifetime that my brain is basically filled with an encyclopedia of useless movie knowledge. This is to the point that when I see a trailer it’s usually all I need to know to get a read on if I’ll like it or not. I’ve only ever walked out of one film which was Megamind keep in mind I love kids films even thought Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs was borderline funny for adults. I’ve included age ratings as the first film isn’t for kids, not even 15 year olds! Also #WIMM in case you’ve not seen these random posts stands for Where Is My Mind which can cover a multitude of random thoughts I wish to let you in on..

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Lulu Guinness Glasses – Seeing Clearly

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lulu guinness glasses vision express

There are obvious reasons to wear glasses & I’ve ignored them for as long as I can. I can’t pretend the writing on  TV isn’t blurry, that I’m just tired or being glued to my phone isn’t a bad thing! I’ve spent a decade avoiding eye tests. My theory was if I don’t find the right glasses then I won’t wear them so what’s the point in buying them. Yes stupid logic but I’m surprisingly good at convincing myself. However in the last 6 months I started to catch on just how fuzzy things were. Glasses aren’t such a bad thing after all.
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5 Apps Every Beauty Addict Needs in 2016 – Guest Post

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Nowadays, you can organize your entire life on the phone – shop for clothes and tickets, read news, book appointments, find dates. But with these makeup applications, your smartphone will become a lot smarter.

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Booby Trapp Wedding Dress + Ltd Star Wars & Marvel Fabrics!

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For as long as I can remember I knew my wedding dress if I had one wouldn’t be white. That’s not to say it wasn’t an option I’m just not that traditional, think black sheep of the family. When we decided on a Halloween wedding it set’s the scene for who we are. I searched high & low across the internet for something that said me & repeatedly I came back to Booby Trapp corsets.

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