So T.K.Maxx Happened…

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I have an addiction, it’s just a shop but it’s my favourite beauty shop. You’d expect it to be Superdrug, Boots or even Selfridges seen as that’s where the makeup lives. However T.K.Maxx is just number one for me. Read on to find out why you should love it too. Continue reading “So T.K.Maxx Happened…”

The Blonde UpKeep Haul

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lee stafford batiste john freida frizz ease la riche directions toner white boots ponytail bobbles

When I decided to go blonde a few weeks ago I spent them researching (googling) for the products I’d need to keep my hair in a good condition. To say it took a full day of bleaching & toning which you can read here in my Red To Blonde post my hair is in pretty great condition thanks to a great hairdresser & Olaplex! However I still have ends that are a bit brassy & the general condition of my hair is dry & frizzy to begin with. So I did a little shopping over the weekend & picked up some bits to help me along the way. Continue reading “The Blonde UpKeep Haul”

Birchbox Pop Up Shop In Selfridges

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In my overly obsessiveness about beauty, if we get chance to go into Selfridges as we did last week I always check out if there’s anything going on to make sure I have an excuse to go in! Thank you Birchbox not only did I get the above pick n mix box but also got my brows done at the Blinc Brow Bar as a treat. They came out lovely & were well over due being done as I’d forgotten my tweezers for the overnight stay! Back to business Birchbox had a pop up shop so I wanted to share with you the bit’s I got my hands on!

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February Haul

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At some point I’m hoping soon I’ll learn to be less spendy but for now I may as well show you all the prettier side of the hole in my wallet where money used to live! I feel like I did well to curb the make-up buying in Mac with just a few key purchases. One of which was due to finally replacing something I lost months ago & have needed back in my life ever since! However I feel I balanced this out with some Primarni & Amazon shopping.

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Xmas, Birthday & Sales Pressies

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birthday presents haul beard plates vans sunglasses birthday cake

As I write this I’ve just had my 28th Birthday which I spent uneventfully eating cake! It’s pretty normal for most people to do that but it’s my mini tradition as often I have rarely done anything in the past to celebrate it. However I’m trying to come up with something different each year, you can see my latest choice here. As my birthday is so close to Christmas most pressies get intermingled so I decided I show you not just those but the sales bargains I’ve picked up too.

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