A Late Night Mohawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue

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When you suggest something it always seems like a good idea at the time not that this wasn’t but I really believe we never quite learn, it’s a process. I’m on my own hair dye journey I felt willing to suggest to my fella if he wanted I’d colour his mohawk again. The wedding is far enough away that by the time we get to it he will have had the dye & any damage cut out & be having it done professionally at that point. We always have random pots of semi-permanent stain shades in our bathroom. I found a full pot of crazy colours & already have the powder bleach & full bottles of liquid peroxide left over from last time we dyed it. The shade of dye is by Crazy Colors one I hadn’t used before so I thought it would be fun to let you in on the process. As with all “random projects” started at 10pm at night the photos aren’t brilliant I did my best!

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Adding Some Extra Red With Directions

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This was taken yesterday, honestly I only had make-up on because I looked dead otherwise as I’m still getting over being ill. Over the last week as I’ve washed my hair I was getting a bit anxious as it felt like the ends of my hair were washing out into a ginger shade. Me being me I couldn’t let it rest & on Friday night I experimented with Directions Hair Colours. Before you begin unless your hair is blonde or has been lightened (bleached) Directions won’t lift your hair colour. If you have dark hair to begin with it won’t do much of anything. I had mine lightened & dyed red last week which is why it’s work well on mine which you can see in my Red Hair Don’t Care post.

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WIMM #10 – Red Hair Don’t Care! Taylor Taylor Sheffield

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If you don’t know or can’t tell because you’re new to this blog I’ve decided to change-up my hair. To see it before see my Dramatic Pinks #fotd post from Friday. This is one random thing that has gone through my mind I decided to change.

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Recent Hair Care

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lee stafford percy & reed toni & guy boots phyto

Since I started having my hair dyed about 6 months ago I’ve tried to up my hair care routine to help the red shade last longer. Some things work better than others but I pretty much use all the above at least once a week & it’s helping to keep up the health of my hair.

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Tangle Teezer Ltd Lulu Guinness Compact Styler

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brush for wet hair

I feel a little guilty about buying this brush. It’s like I’ve cheat on my Denman paddle brush for a younger prettier model. It was an impulse purchase I don’t need but really wanted it, Lulu Guinness at this price could part any girl with her cash.

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