Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?

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When I apply my makeup I always do my brows but I’m no artist I just like to tame & fill them in a little. They have this special trick in Summer (even our British one) where they start to go blonde on the outer half. This means if I don’t do anything it looks like some’s shaved them! There not quite at that blonde point yet because we’ve had about a week or twos worth of sunny days this year. I was lucky to never have gone through that over plucking trend of the 90s. However they do need evening out & since going blonde I still prefer brunette brows that match my roots.

Brows In Brunette - Loreal V Collection - no makeup

Brunette Brow History

Just to give a better idea of what I’m working with these are my bushy unruly brows. They have a few odd gaps here & there. As I’ve often heard quoted my brows are most certainly sisters & not twins. I kinda feel uncomfortable going to have them done anywhere. The idea of sitting in the middle of Superdrug or Debenhams while someone plucks my brows feels wrong. I did have them done in Mint (Meadowhall) which was ok as they have a little room  for doing it in. On a spontaneous whim to do something on Anti-Valentines day weekend we went to Manchester. In a mad rush to leave I’d forgotten my tweezers & ended up going to Blinc in Selfridges, this was surprisingly relaxing & for £19.50 I should hope so. I felt a little robbed but my eyebrows did come out pretty darn perfect so a little luxury unlikely to be repeated. I always worry they’ll leave me with a pencil line brow I’d rather do it myself!

Brunette Brows – Loreal or Collection?

Brows In Brunette - Loreal V Collection - brushes

On the left is Loreal Brow Artist Sculpt Plumper ( or mascara which would have been too boring) & the left Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder. As you can see they’re two very different products however they’re both under the shade brunette. I’m not sure they could get further apart from being different colours if they tried.

Simply on this basis I would have to pick the Collection offering as Loreals is more like a warm strawberry blonde shade. I always loved the fact that Loreal has a massive foundation shade range & Match Perfect covers a broad range of skin tones. Collection Define & Perfect only has three shades but on that alone it’s actually a really good cool toned brown.

The Face Off

Brows In Brunette - Loreal V Collection - make up with brows

So let’s start with Loreal, this is possibly the weirdest looking wand I’ve seen. It feels like it’s trying to do too many jobs in one product. The tip holds a lot of product so you have to wipe it off first just like mascara. You can use this part to fill in missing bits but it’s not going to look like hair strokes. However if it had been the right shade it would have blended in really well.

On the occasions I wore this out it did stay put all day, they’re staying until you cleanse. I found the spoolie was my prefered method as it shaped the hairs I have keeping them tidy. The tip is at an angle so you don’t accidentally go over your brow with it while using the spoolie but it just feels awkward & in the way. This would have been better as two products or maybe designed like a double ended mascara with separate wands.

I like to buy products when they’re nothing like what I’ve seen before. The Collection Define & Perfect Brow powder comes in a little tiny tube & has long thin sponge tip.The lid is larger than the tube which means you have something you can grip easily while applying it. A little goes a long way with this & you can easily over do it so I just build it slowly. As well as being able to fill in gaps, create a nice point you can also use it to shade in the lighter areas. This works well but not as much lasting power as Loreal. You could easily follow it with a clear mascara to fix it for longer.

Brunette Brow Winner

Without a doubt it has to be the Collection Perfect & Define that wins it for me. It’s the right shade & gives me natural but even brows without being obvious. At less than half the price of Loreals it’s much more affordable to be repurchasing.I recently came across a similar product Pur Browder Perfecting Brow Powder that’s £16! If you want to see it in action Wayne Goss did a video on it. I’d definitely suggest giving collections a chance firstHowever if the unique Loreal shade matches you then this might be still be your pick. They have brought a similar one out, Loreal Cosmetics Brow Artiste Plumper if you prefer to have just the spoolie which looks much smaller & likely more accurate.

Collection Perfect & Define £4.19

Loreal Brow Artist Sculpt Plumper £8.99

For a long time I was all about the angled brush & eyeshadow method.

How do you prefer to do your brows?

If you have  brunette brows & a loved product that you think

I need to try leave me a comment below x

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