Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator – One Week On

After all these years of shaving I still don’t get it right. I have at least one excuse, my Psoriasis (think flaky dry skin that appears fast that anyone could exfoliate), shave over that & it always cut me. Then that I’m lazy & do it in the bath irrelevant of the above skin issue almost every time I shave I cut my ankle. It doesn’t hurt but when you’re having to hold tissue on it instead of it getting on the carpet or bed sheets it’s a pain. So I’m trying epilating out to see if I can manage to have smooth legs without the hassle of shaving. I have to say that a big part of wanting one was because of Lily Pebbles & her initial Youtube video & follow up post which did help me decide to go forward with it.

The Braun Silk-épil 9

This is no cheap replacement for shaving, I’ve always bought disposable shavers for as long as I can remeber. So when I made this decision it wasn’t done lightly, not to my purse anyway. The Braun Silk-épil 9 is second to the top of this range of Braun epilators. The Spa version comes with a vibrating head to help exfoliate the skin so you have less chance of ingrowing hairs. However I wanted to try some of the other ways of doing this myself so I chose the standard version. I got it from Boots while it was a third off its usual price of £149.99. That was one of the reasons I bought it now and not later. Out of what I got for my just under £100 I was completely gob smacked it didn’t come with a British plug or adaptor. No where on the box does it say anything about this which is what annoyed me most about it. I could have said it so I could at least have bought one & didn’t notice this until I got home. An adaptor is £4.99 which would be even less to them to put one in, luckily it does come pre-charged so I could at least get it out & try it.

Getting Started

Once you get it out the box its straight forward, so much so there’s no instructions just an electrical safety guide. Twist the circle up to setting one & it starts, this is the slower of the two setting but both sound pretty horrific the first time you hear it. A little like a lawn mower on a smaller scale, the attachment already on it the one I used as for now it’s just for my legs. The second setting is much faster so in theory more painful but quicker to use once your happy with it. When the epilator is switched on it has a strong light which makes it easier to see the hairs you’ve missed. An epilator is multiple tweezers but on a roller constantly catching hairs as it spins pulling them out at the root. The effects should last up to 4 weeks which is another reason I bought it, less hassle for me!

Epilator Pain?

Try to remember the first time you plucked your eyebrows yourself. It hurts but you get used to it, this is the same on a grander scale. The pain sensation is more of a sting but multiple hairs at once it’s about the same amount of stinging. When multiple pain receptors go off in the same area of skin your body overloads & it semi-switches off. This is why after a week of on & off use the areas I’ve gone over the most hurt the least. I still haven’t got every hair on my leg yet & you do notice this as you do it where you miss the most. You can feel it but they’re already so much smoother & less hairy feeling than the ever were past the first day of shaving. This is also noticeable most when I just look at my legs as I have gotten rid of most of the dark hairs which are the most visible.

Ingrowing Hairs

This is the downside to epilating, but if your going to spend the cash then likely hood is your willing to put the bit of effort to help stop this. Ingrowing hairs are when the hair is plucked out but the dead skin stops it growing out through the pore past your skin. This means the hair is trapped which is itchy & can get seriously infected if not treated. That’s not to say it can’t be stopped before it happens which is why I bought a few other things with it.

Combating Ingrowing Hairs

I bought the Soap & Glory Super Exfoliating Scrub Gloves which for £4 is one of the the best purchases I’ve made. You can get cheaper Boots ones but my Boots didn’t stock them so I can’t say what they’re like. You can wear them in the shower or bath to manually exfoliate your skin. They are amazing at getting your legs prepped for using your epilator. Another reason I bought this one is it’s cordless & can be used in the shower & bath even dropped under the water it’s fine. It’s supposed to be easier in warm water as it opens the pores but I find it harder in the bath as it’s just awkward to get into a position that works for me. I also got a Champneys Luxury Body Brush (The Body Shop one is a bit cheaper, I just forgot to go in). The body brush is to be used on dry skin before you go in the bath or shower to exfoliate the dead skin cells. It’s a little scratchy but not painful. If you like to itch your skin without doing real damage with your nails this is perfect for that. A good little video for this is Tati over on Youtube did a video explaining it in How To Get the Softest Skin Ever. The only item I haven’t tried are the Boots Exfoliating Mitts which are like very fine sand paper to do a similar thing.

The After Effects

Once I’d epilated the first time I noticed red marks where the hairs were plucked I was a little worried. I had read to moisturizer after which I did & by morning it had disappeared. So I suggest this be an afternoon or night-time thing to do. As of yet I haven’t had any ingrowing hairs so I’m sticking with this routine & hopefully with smoother legs for longer.

If your sick of making a mess like I do with shaving this may be a good alternative to give a go. Maybe buy a cheaper one to begin with, they start at a lot less than this one. Or see it as an investment where you don’t need to buy shavers again. It’s not for everyone as it’s not instantly pain-free so sensitive skin types will want to pass it. However after a week I’m happy to carry on the process & will give an update in a month or two.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9561 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator is £149.99 or still on offer at Boots for £99.98.

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