Booby Trapp Wedding Dress + Ltd Star Wars & Marvel Fabrics!

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For as long as I can remember I knew my wedding dress if I had one wouldn’t be white. That’s not to say it wasn’t an option I’m just not that traditional, think black sheep of the family. When we decided on a Halloween wedding it set’s the scene for who we are. I searched high & low across the internet for something that said me & repeatedly I came back to Booby Trapp corsets.

Why Booby Trapp?

First I took a look at the standard corsets, next time it was the unique materials on offer & finally at the custom designs. There was lots of emailing to begin with but each time everything was explained. Things like material had to come in a certain length for a full circle skirt or how patterns would match up in the corset panels. I was going to use material she had in stock but I’m terrible for changing my mind. I’ve had a love for Alexander Henry material for years so I searched everywhere I could for the perfect one. Finally I found it, with enough of a dark gothic style without it being specifically Halloween themed.

Booby Trapp Custom Halloween Wedding Dress Material

This is Alexander Henry ‘After Dark’ in Smoke which I ordered a fat quarter from Rock ‘n’ Rolls Of Fabric to get an idea of what it looked like in natural light. I did order a few others but I knew immediately they weren’t right for me. When I chose the material I emailed Booby Trapp back to see if it would be strong enough, it wasn’t but she said it could be lined. As it was material from USA she had it ordered from a supplier there as then it was hard to get hold of in the UK at the time. This is what you would count as an addition cost on top & it was worth every penny.

Yorkshire To Liverpool

If your thinking of ordering with a custom fitting she’s located close to Kirkby train station. Luckily my big sister agreed to take us in her car. It was about 2 1/2 hours to get there & the fitting took about an hour. I could have sent my measurements & that is an option for any corset at no extra cost as they make to order. She may be able to travel to you if you’re ordering 3 corsets & sometimes does days down in London. However for getting the corset & skirt right I don’t think it would have come together as perfectly if I hadn’t gone. First I tried on a pre-made corset to get an idea of how many inches everything had to sized down. Then we worked out the shape of the corset which was really fun. I felt completely at ease through the fitting & she accommodated all the things I had in mind. It ended up being a mish mash of three designs she already had in. It was long lined to flatten me at the front but shorter at the back to allow me to sit. Then I wanted the bust area to be covered over so I didn’t have to worry.

Booby Trapp Custom Halloween wedding dress - logo

Second Fitting

About 6 weeks before the wedding I went back down for a final fitting. This was a bit of a long day as I went by train which took around 3 1/2 hours! We did get to have a wander around Liverpool on the way back & I know I’d like to go back for shopping. When I say we it’s because I dragged my fella along for the fun. Not that he saw the dress but I think he was expecting me to get lost otherwise! I tried both the corset & skirt on & there was some adjustments needed. So sadly I couldn’t take it with me but it came by recorded delivery ready for the big day. It even came in a black suit bag so my partner couldn’t see it which was a lovely touch.

The Big Day

Booby Trapp Custom Halloween Wedding Dress 2

I’ve got to say that without a doubt I loved this corset & skirt. I asked for a super frothy petticoat & it held its shape really well. The corset was really comfortable to wear even after 10 hours which compared with my Dr Marten shoes which only lasted to the venue. What I will say is it may have not been the cheapest option for a wedding dress but how many brides can say they can wear it again? Both parts are separate & can be worn with other items. I did look at having a custom wedding dress made & the starting prices were double what I paid.

If your interested in your own Booby Trapp corset

Starting prices “from £95 for skirts and £99 for corsets depending on styles and fabrics selected”

Also a deposit schemes / (lay away in the USA ) are available for people who wish to pay in instalments and order in advance”

Limited Fabrics Available

Bobby Trapp Corsets limited star wars and marvel avengers fabric

One of the reasons I love Bobby Trapp corsets are the amazing fabrics which are hard to source in the UK so it’s highly unlikely you’re going to bump into anyone with the same corset as you. The fabrics above would be great for cos play outfits or simply Star Wars addicts like me. Fabrics 1 & 2 are the new Star Wars The Force Awakens & she has enough fabric to make between 3-5 corsets. The third fabric is a classic Star Wars print & has there is enough for 1 maybe 2 corsets. The final is a Marvel Avengers print which she’s only just got in & there is enough for 3 corsets.

The printed fabric corsets start from £139 for over bust and £130 for under bust.
If you make an order let Lorraine know I’ve sent you & your order will get free UK shipping and a modesty panel for free (usually £10)!

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