Bond No9 Eau De Parfum – Making Scents Of New York

Bond No9 - Making Scents of New York
On the left is Copper Square, the right is Queens and below is Central Park Square

Bond No9 – Easy To Wear, Easy To Love Fragrances

When I saw these pop up on a site I browse most often for Christmas beauty lusts I just had to share them with you. It’s not hard to see why I was taken in by these gorgeous perfume bottles. The ones above are my favourites but having looked on the Bond N09 website there’s many to try.

So What Is Bond No9?

Bond 09 the address of their headquarters boutique in the city that inspires the fragrances, New York. Each were created with a specific neighbourhood in mind. This isn’t just for women either their fragrances cover men 7 uni-sex scents as well. There are 30 fragrances & 7 are also available as body silk ( body moisturiser).

The brushed metal bottle I fell in love with above is Copper Square and this is how it’s described…

Bond No. 9 zeroes in on that up-and-coming hotspot, Cooper Square, where the East Village meets NoHo, and the Bowery and the new über-Downtown begin. For this assertive new neighbourhood, what else but an intense and contemporary eau de parfum? – Selfridges
The notes in this perfume are cognac, juniper berry, lavender, myrrh, oblibanum, patchouli, cashmere wood, musk, vetiver, ciste labdanum and timberwood.
Now I can’t tell you what they smell like as they are available in Selfridges of which I live no where near one. I will however be hopefully getting a chance to have a good sniff of them after Christmas. What I will say is these aren’t exactly cheap perfume at £145 for 50 ml or £220 for 100ml. However if you’ve been to New York maybe this would be the perfect way of never having to say goodbye to it.
Bond No9 a little way to have a piece of New York where ever you are…

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