Bold Metals Real Techniques – 200 Oval Shadow Brush

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The Bold Metals luxe brushes are probably one of the most highly anticipated collections to hit the shelves of Boots. As an exclusive range to the drugstore this is one of the most expensive that isn’t on a beauty counter. I’m pretty new to Real Techniques so I don’t own many of the brushes due to avoiding the blog hype! I was wrong, I admit that I have seen the error of my ways!

I love the Miracle Complexion sponge for a light base or the buffing brush for a medium to full foundation. It’s core brushes that have been out for a few years with be still sold alongside the new Bold Metals range. The idea is to give an even higher quality set of brushes that are more for specific uses & can be used by everyone.

The Bold Metals Collection

Left To Right

Gold – Base 

  • Triangle Foundation 101 £22
  • Arched Powder 100 £25

Silver – Eyes 

  • Pointed Crease 201 £12
  • Oval Shadow 200 £15
  • Angled Liner 202 £10

Rose Gold – Facial Features

  • Flat Contour 301 £22
  • Tapered Blush 300 £24

Bold Metals – 200 – The Oval Shadow Brush

I’ve only bought this one as I can’t afford the full set & some I wouldn’t need. I like to try one out then see if I think it’s worth investing in more. I always seem to use up my eyeshadow brushes most often so it was an obvious choice for me t pick the oval Shadow. Starting with the handle they have designed it to be weighted closer to the ferrule to give your hand a better balance & more control. It has a flattened edge so when you put it down it won’t roll off in any direction which I think is genius. The silver is stylish but with anything that has that metal finish finger prints do show up quickly.

Bold Metals Real Techniques - 200 Oval Shadow Brush - side view
Real Techniques Bold Metals Oval Shadow Brush 200 – side view

The bristles (hairs) on the brush are super soft synthetic which you can tell the difference between these & the original brushes. I like that when I wash this brush it instantly goes back to being white like its brand new. I haven’t had any hairs shed & the shape of the brush does the work for you. This is much more tightly packed than I expected but this means it holds it’s shape on the edge of the brush making it dual use.

Bold Metals Real Techniques - 200 Oval Shadow Brush - eyeshadows

The bristles are domes across the top (see photo at top of page) with two flattened sides but its much wider than most eyeshadow brushes of a similar shape. This means you can use the flat side to pack on colour quickly as an all over base colour but then change to using the tip of the brush for adding in some contouring & depth to the eye. As it holds it’s shape you get much more control of creating the contour shape & how wide it is as opposed to a Mac 217 which is a much fluffier brush.

The above photo shows the two matte Mac shades I use all the time with this brush to create a very simple eye look that works great paired with any lipstick. I apply Blanc Type as a base all over the lid even up to the eyelid & then Cork for contouring the socket. It’s good for all eyes but I find with mine being slightly hooded I can apply cork higher to fake my eyes looking more open & big.!

Bold Metals Brush Comparison – Cause Size Is Everything!

Bold Metals Real Techniques - 200 Oval Shadow Brush - comparrison
Top to bottom – Mac 217, Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow, Eco Tools Eyeshadow & No7 Eye Colour Brush

The Bold Metals Oval Shadow brush has quickly found a place in my make-up routine. It picks shadow up well & blends colours out in a more controlled swipe. It can catch my lid and drag a little when doing contour but all you need is a lighter hand which the weighted handle helps to give. I think the next one I’d like to try is the Angled Liner brush as it’s small with a fine edge to it. If I get very spendy in the far future I’d like to pick up the Arched Powder & Tapered blush brush too as I’d likely use these the most.

The Real Techniques Oval Shadow 200 brush is £15 & is exclusive to Boots in the UK.

Have you tried any of the Bold Metals brushes? Do you prefer the core collections? Which would you like to #getspendy with?