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Body Polish at The Body Shop – Cranberry Joy

So I’ve only had these since Christmas but this isn’t the first time I’ve fallen for The Body Shop Body Polish before. It’s my mums fault really as she bought be the Strawberry one a few years back in full size bottle and the only reason I didn’t replace it was I already had so many others. I’ve just finished the Soap and Glory Flake Away and  I do like sugar scrubs but in my opinion for me and my ridiculously dry skin these body shop polishes out perform them every time.

The Body Shop - Body Polish


I got the mini Strawberry in a travel set from my mum then when I saw the Cranberry one at half price at £5 for 200 ml I couldn’t not get some. Both are basically the same product but with different extracts to suit different tastes. There is a ginger one but it’s just too strong a scent for me to enjoy it.

So why do I love it?

It has quite a thick gelly feel to it which sticks to the skin rather than slipping down the plug hole, so little goes to waste and you can apply it everywhere you want then pop the cap back on and it will be waiting where ever you left it. The shower gel then holds a fine exfoliant to really refine and polish the skin and a larger seed like bit that’s good for getting those more hardcore dry spots that I always get during winter. I usually use this just before shaving as it helps stop ingrowing hairs and gets me a much closer shave. I’m loving the Cranberry scent as it’s keeping a foot hold on Christmas to give me a reason to be merry even if I’m back at work.

If you’d like and extra piece of Christmas to hold on to they still have stock online at The Body Shop

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