Blueberry Smoothies – Are They Good For You?

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On my recent smoothie journey I feel like I’m learning more than I ever did before. About a month ago I would have seen eating fruit as super healthy & impossible to manage your 5 a day! I know that includes veg but I still never really managed it. Now I’m looking into sugar in fruit, the micro nutrients (vitamins) & know full well that all smoothies aren’t created equally especially when it comes to Pintrest. Such a vast amount of ideas for smoothies but often they’re very similar I think you have to go with what you like the taste of more than anything so you can stick to it happily not begrudgingly!

Blueberry Smoothies

Blueberry Smoothies - Are They Good For You -mi 2

These are the ingredient in a blueberry smoothie I’ve tried out a few times & it taste good enough that I’d happily make it again. However I’ve changed things out slowly to make it suit me more, most of these things are healthy but too much of a good thing can be bad for you. It’s getting the balance  between these things that I’m working on now.



Before this smoothie I’d only ever tried them fresh & I really didn’t like the taste or the texture of them. However hearing everyone say how good they are for you as they’re full of antioxidants made me try them. In this smoothie they are the main flavour but to me it’s a different flavour when mixed in with other bits. The bit you have to be careful about it the sugar content is higher than most berries at around 10 grams sugar per 100 grams. That’s 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar, yes it’s not added sugar it’s fructose but it’s still sugar. I put around that much into the smoothie below so it’s something to think about.


The humble banana which I’ve always loved is around 22 grams carbs & 12 grams is sugar (per 100 grams) so maybe with a smoothie it should be one or the other, banana or blueberries? However it has its positives a high potassium, manganese & vitamin c content. This is one I need to cut down on but not cut out.
Blueberry Smoothies - Are They Good For You -mi 3


When we first got the Blend Active all we used was milk, mainly because we had no other ingredients to make something. The problem with this is I became bloated & occasionally it would give me acid. Now Almond milk is much more expensive but I used a litre bottle over a week into 5 different smoothies. It’s a good creamy base that’s not got a strong flavour so it doesn’t over power anything else. I haven’t had as much trouble health wise with it so I’m likely to stick with it. Or if you want to be good just add water a cheaper alternative that works as well to mix the other ingredient.

Greek Style Yogurt

I used this to begin with as it’s what was in the recipe & it does have many benefits. It has iodine which helps keep your thyroid in check, giving a healthier metabolism. It’s high in protein, calcium & the vitamin B12. The only down side is it’s quite a strong flavour, it’s the Marmite of yogurt you’ll love it or hate it! I like it but it can over power other things, a good alternative I found was Alpro (fake) yogurt which is much milder & has less sugar that standard yogurts.

P.S Don’t let those 0% fat yogurts fool you, less fat usually means more sugar!

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That dark green leafy stuff everyone is eating which I was calling a fad for a long time. Keep in mind I don’t eat salads, I don’t like most veg & I’m picky. If your like me then this is a good start because you can mix it into most berry smoothies & there is no taste to it. Think of it as a filler that’s actually really good for you. Kale is ram packed with lots of micro nutrients I know I wouldn’t be getting into my system any other way. Looking at the photo above you’d imagine this would taste terrible I know I did. When you smoothie blends the Kale first this is what happens, don’t give up at this point keep on blending. As you can see from the first photo it does look much more appetising once it’s all mixed in.

I don’t know if this is useful let me know if it was, I just wanted to show you not everything is perfect just because somebody on Pinterest pinned it or wrote it. I’ve done lots of research of micro nutrients that I’ve never gone into before. It’s surprising how many vitamins you can overdose on to the detriment of your health, often because of supplements! If you have any thoughts on this let me know in the comments dupesagirlsbestfriend