before & after from red hair to clean blonde in 9 hours

Red To Blonde In A Day Without Damage

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I started my Saturday at 9am & by 6pm I was finally blonde. Dumb blonde? Blonde Ambition? Legally blonde? Who knows. However I feel like this is the most extreme I’ve ever gone. It’s like going blonde is crazier than choosing a bright shade as there’s nowhere to hide! If I had natural hair with no dye in it then this wouldn’t be such a feat but I’m a serial colour changer.

I’ve used permanent black, brow & red over the years & then I had a bright shades moment with blue, green, pink & purple which then took me back to the John Freida Colour Foams. Last year was my red phase which consisted of bleaching then a semi-permanent red onto top which I would top up myself using Manic Panic Vampire Red ,Directions Pillarbox Red mixed with Rubine & Crazy Colors in Bordeaux. Below is the last time I coloured it myself in January.

Black Orchid Stickgloss - An Unexpected Win

I got hitched at Halloween which was the last time my hair was bleached & dyed red. Since then I topped it up myself. However it’s my sister’s wedding this year & the colour scheme would have clashed with the red hair. As a bridesmaid I want to be in the background & not the center of attention. I dabbled with the idea of blonde thought it impossible until I saw a few Youtubers mention Olaplex.

Before – Roots, Red Fade & Ginger Ends

Red To Blonde In A Day With Volt Salon - before

This was how my hair looked at 9am, at this point I hadn’t slept as I over think everything & still expected my hair to fall out! I expect the worse always so I was pleasantly surprised by the end of it. My hairdresser was Helen which at the time I didn’t know she was director & co-owner of Volt Salon in Sheffield. If I’d known quite how much experience she had maybe I would have been quite so worried, I really was in good hands.

Blonde Is A Labour Of Love

The reason I could go through everything in one day was due to a new product called Olaplex which as far as I’m concerned is a miracle. Bleach breaks the bonds in the hair & strips the colour our of it leaving it dry & brittle. Olaplex is mixed into the bleach & helps to put those bonds back together which helps it to feel healthier. Before I go any further it’s not cheap & you can only get it done at a hair salon. I’d say my hair personally was much more expensive than normal because there was so much more to do than was normally needed but it’s still going to be box dye cheap! I think of this as an investment after all the things I’ve done to it.

The Blonde Process

I know sitting in a chair while you have your hair done is a lovely thing but I wasn’t quite ready for 9 hours of it. My hair is really quite thick & long so the first set of bleach took about 2 hours between two people, then maybe 40 minutes more for it  to lift. This was the easiest bit to get through because I could see it lifting & didn’t have any pain other than my bum falling asleep. Luckily lattes were on hand to keep me awake & a good book! I was quite happy throughout the day as I felt like I could ask lots of questions & got answers that helped me understand the process.

Red To Blonde In A Day With Volt Salon - second bleach

The second bleach to lifting more of the stubborn red out. I’d been left with a strange halo effect in pink around my head from past dye along with ginger in the lower lengths of my hair. I think it total between both applications it took 6 sets of bleach to get it all done. My head did hurt a little after this second set was washed out but only mildly, she mentioned the bleach at the roots had aloe vera in it to help the scalp which I think did. When it’s been bleached previous to this day it’s been much more of a stinging feeling. I think this took us to about the 7 hour point.

Next the toner, this is how much of a newb I am, I had only ever seen toner in pots like Manic Panic I didn’t realize this also has peroxide in it. It’s much like the bleach but more like a semi-translucent gel , what I do remember is it felt like it was freezing cold. I don’t know if it was because my hair had just been washed where it was warm or the toner was cold but my scalp felt super sensitive as it went on. As soon as it was on I couldn’t feel it but that first application wasn’t fun. Now at this point I was lucky enough that my fella was in town as I was dying to eat something to the point that I had shaky hands. I’d sat for 6 hours on nothing more than lattes & a Starbucks Cinnamon Roll I had that morning. He came to the rescue with Subway which was greatly needed!

Last But Not Least

Now it was about 5pm and everyone who worked there was wrapping up & getting ready to leave. I felt bad for my hairdresser as I had no idea it was going to take this long to do. Luckily we were just a blow dry & a cut away from being finished. I was knackered & amazed at the same time. It took 9 hours & I know there is no way I could have managed it myself without wrecking my hair completely.

Helen made miracles that day…

Red To Blonde In A Day With Volt Salon - after

Now for the hard part, I have healthy hair but it’s still bleached so it still has that funny feeling when you wash it. Like it’s limp, if your bleach blonde you’ll know what I mean. I haven’t bought the at home Olaplex yet but it’s on my wishlist to pick it up next time I go in for my roots. I still need to take care of it so please let me know of any products you think I should use. To see more photos of my hair as it’s a little more yellow at the ends than it is under the salon lighting take a gander at my Instagram.

If your interested in where I had it done the website is Volt Salon.

girl with red hair and then blonde hair