Blog Posts That Are Awesome – Pintrest Board

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Who here doesn’t know what Pintrest is? If you don’t you may have been living under a rock. Any how Pintrest is a digital pin board for everything you love on the net but don’t want to forget about. It’s also a brilliant resource for finding new things that everyone else has pinned that they like. You can sort by category or even add other people’s boards to your own to see new things they are adding. Pintrest is simply what Sundays with nothing to do are all about. It’s the newest way to procrastinate over makeup, food, new books to read or even those D.I.Y tips you didn’t know were even possible. I know I spend too much time perusing the boards of others, taken it by some amazing photography or simply something funny or sarcastic. I have a board for that too.

Blog Posts That Are Awesome - Pintrest Board

How To See The Blog Posts I’m Loving

These are my Pintrest boards and my latest which will get updated daily is my Beauty Blog Posts That Are Awesome. If I love someone’s post and think you will too you can see a filtered down version of my Bloglovin feed. It also means if I want to read something later I don’t have to run through the 500+ blogs I’m following to find it.

In the board these are just some of the blog posts I’ve read recently and I’ve wanted to share with the rest of this wonderful community of bloggers. You can get all these posts through my Pintrest board Blog Posts That Are Awesome¬†and carry on seeing all the posts that I’ve read each day that I’ve enjoyed if you sign up and follow it.

I have a board running in the sidebar of my Never Ending Wish List so I can keep a track of anything I fancy or see if I’ve forgotten about any either.