Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie

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In another attempt to get healthier (lose weight) I’ve gone & bought a Breville Blend Active. I’ve wanted to get one for at least a year but the first ones only had one bottle . When they brought them out with 2 bottles there just seemed to be no stock anywhere at all. Now they’ve brought out the Family pack which has 2 300 ml bottles & 2 600 ml bottles. If you haven’t seen this before it’s basically a blender for drinks but uses the bottles with a screw on blade attachment to blend your drink with. Less mess, no extra washing up & you get the right amount every time! I’ll also be doing Weight Watchers Pro Points as well so all the drinks I make will have the points for them.

Blend Active On A Budget

For the most part most of the smoothies & drinks that go up on my blog will be budget friendly. They will be full of things that are easy to get at your local supermarket. I don’t think it needs to be complex to be healthy & it shouldn’t cause the need to make the rest of your shop change too much to fit it in.

Blend Active Experiments

When we first got it last week my partner in crime thought Cherry Pepsi Max, Absolute Vodka & ice would be the perfect first drink! However I don’t think either of out brains were switched on at this point we just needed a drink so to speak. Obviously when you blend this together all the fizz in the Pepsi is released & ends up at the top of your cup. You end up with a popping sound when you take the blade off & a flat but very cold alcoholic drink which we still happily got through. While we had no interesting ingredients we did milk, ice & added syrups you normally use for coffee which was so refreshing. We used 50 ml of either vanilla, almond & cinnamon syrup which was just the right amount to give enough flavour. I think we will look out for some sugar-free ones next time. Since the Raspberry drink below we have done more experimenting so depending on what works more posts will be coming.

Easy Raspberry Smoothie

Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie - ingredient

Shopping List

  • Frozen Raspberries 1 cup – Much cheaper than fresh, they help keep your drink cooler & can be got most of the year round.
  • Maxi Frubes Raspberry 70g – Can also be done with 2 40g standard frubes, a Big Pot Petit Filous, Squashums or simply a standard raspberry yogurt. We got Maxi Frubes because me & my fiancé love Minions we’re big kids still!
  • Semi-Skimmed Milk 400 ml – Any milk you like!
  • Ice – About 4 or 5 ice cubes

5 Pro Points

Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie - locked in

Once you’ve got all your ingredient in the bottle screw on the blade attachment. Turn it upside down & look for the dot on the blade lid. Line this up with the mark on the base of the Blend Active, push down & turn clock wise to lock in. Then press the blend button, we did hold the bottle as it does shake a little but that’s more while it breaks the ice down. That’s it, just unscrew the bottle, turn it the right way up & swap it to the lid attachment. This is so simple & quick to do that even I can’t mess it up.

Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie - mixed

That smoothie tastes as good as it looks. It has a lovely tart raspberry taste, it’s quite thick which I like because it takes longer to drink. The ice is finely crushed & kept it cold to the last drop & it was all made completely mess free. When we’ve finished them we wash the out & there hasn’t been any after smell lingering on them. The best part is there is no waste because you don’t have to guess how much will fill your cup.

It’s early days but I think we will get so much use out of this over Summer time, I’ve already tried two ways of doing coffee in it & both worked well, the second was the bigger 600 ml size for the same number of pro points! I may get a little overly caffeinated but without being too unhealthy. If you have smoothies you think I’ll like link them below so I can try them out too.

Breville VBL096 Blend-Active Family Blender is £34.99 (offer at £30.45 in Argos)