Black Toothpaste – Perfect White By Beverly Hills Formula

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Beverly Hills Formula - Black Toothpaste - 2

Come To The Dark Side We Have Whiter Teeth???

Black toothpaste, gimmick right ?

Yes I bought this because it was black! I just love something that goes against convention and this one was right up my street. If a product stands out on the shelves then somebody is doing something right. The Beverly Hills Perfect White black toothpaste stuck out like a sore thumb so I had to give it a go.

This isn’t going to be a review with me telling you how amazingly white my teeth are after a month or so because it’s a toothpaste. My concept with this is if your going to repeatedly use it day & night then it’s a love hate situation. You don’t like the taste, wrong minty flavour or even too thick or thin you’ll just bin t and buy another. I’ve just nearly finished this tube so its a good enough indicator that this will be positive.

Beverly Hills Formula - Black Toothpaste - 1

The black toothpaste as you can see is a translucent gel that once mixed with water turns into a grey foam. It looks really wrong to begin with and there’s a hint of the taste being slightly off with the charcoal coming through a little. What I noticed was the lack of strong mint flavour in my mouth, it’s there but not over powering. Me and my fella both use it because we like to be able to rinse after brushing and be able to drink something flavoured without it having a funny taste to it. Sounds like a small thing but makes a huge difference in the morning. I like a hot coffee but I don’t want a minty tang to it. My teeth feel as clean as much as the next toothpaste so it’s doing the intended job. I can go with the point of low abrasion as I do get sensitive teeth and this didn’t aggravate it. On the white side of things unless you go to a dentist a toothpaste can only whiten so far as the levels of peroxide are so tiny in tooth paste that it won’t be a huge difference anyway.

The only thing is it is on the higher end of drugstore toothpaste at £4.99 100 ml. If you like less mint then it’s worth a try but if you prefer full on minty tingle then I’d pass it for something cheaper.