Black Orchid Stickgloss – An Unexpected Win

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When life gives you lemons, you put them back down & go buy lemonade! When husbands give you make-up as a present you ask what they’ve done wrong! I think if it was anyone else it would be a strange gift but with Ross it’s that moment where you think, was he really listening to me ramble about make-up… It’s the same when he talks about Halo & I know who the master chief is! The lipstick in question is a Laura Mercier stickgloss in Black Orchid.It’s something I would have never chosen myself which makes me appreciate it more.

Laura Mercier Black Orchid Stickgloss - bullet

Black Orchid

I’m not exactly a gloss fan which in my view I saw a sticky mess that would end up in my hair or across my face. Almost all of my lipstick collection is matte for a reason, I’m lazy & expect my lipstick to be where I left it for at least most of the day. However I could at least see how he had picked out the shade perfects. Black Orchid is a dark plum that because of its formula can be a sheer swipe of colour or something much more me!

Black Orchid Stickgloss - An Unexpected Win - swatch

I should have known from the start that I’d get on with this as it’s so similar to Clinique’s Black Honey, not the shade but a similar sheer glossy texture. I think the stickgloss has more ompf as you can build the colour up. This is one of those lipstick where you need to exfoliate your lips first or it will show up dry patches. But if you don;t have time apply it before doing other makeup as it feels moisturising & seems to help, you can always apply more. The lazy part of me wouldn’t but it doesn’t have to be precise because of its glossy nature. The thing is with Black Honey it was my go to lip shade when I was in a rush. However I’ve kept reaching for Black Orchid even more. I love the dinky packaging, it’s smaller than my other lipsticks but with similar amount of product at 3.5 grams (Bobbi Brown Creamy Mattes are 3.6 grams).

Black Orchid Stickgloss - An Unexpected Win

Black Orchid – Stickgloss convert?

I will always love my matte lipsticks for a bold statement lip but I can see now why so many people go for something sheer. I don’t want nude lips or just a balm which is why I think in any other colour I could have been disappointed. I’m all about getting lipsticks that you don’t have to wonder if I’m wearing it or not so this fits that well. I’ve found it’s great when you know your going out for a meal. As quick as you can wipe it away you can re-apply it just as fast.

Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Black Orchid is £18.50