close up of black honey eyeshadow in case

Clinique’s Famous Eyeshadow – A Black Honey Dupe For £1

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When I bought Clinique’s Black Honey eyeshadow for my Birthday I knew it was something special at first swatch. Unlike any shade I own not even Mac’s Cranberry has anything on this one. When I came across this dupe recently I just had to share it with you all.

Clinique’s Black Honey – The Iconic Shade

There are many names in the world of beauty are infamous with their brand, Nars Orgasm, Macs Ruby Woo, Benefit’s Porefessional & even Maybelline’s On & On Bronze. You hear it & you know exactly what someone is talking about. With Clinique it’s undoubtably Black Honey & more synonymously the Almost Lipstick. When I bought the Almost Lipstick in the Christmas set I felt the urge to buy more which lead me to getting the eyeshadow. An indulgence & a thing of beauty but well worth the £16 price tag! I still cringe a little to have spent so much on one eyeshadow. If I would fix anything it’s the packaging, I love the metallic silver top but just do away with the foam applicator, who uses them?

Proof of love is it the usage, in the last 3 months if I’ve wanted to add colour to my eyes this is what I’ve picked up time & time again. It’s such a smooth buttery consistency making the process quick & easy. You can apply a light wash for a pale red shimmer, it’s nice but not how I roll. I love to layer this over the lid & blend-blend-blend. My 217 is a fluffy dream for this as I can blend to my hearts desire!

Black Honey Dupe

In all honestly is was a bit of a mess up, I ordered the second eyeshadow online & didn’t realise how similar it was till it came in the post. At first glance in the pan they don’t look like an exact match its when you see them applied to the eyes that I couldn’t tell the difference. I’ve shown it unblended out so you can see how it looks just on the lid as a pure pigment.

Cliniques Black Honey Eyeshadow and the dupe - unblended 2




On one eye is Clinique’s Black Honey & the other is Makeup Revolutions Just Me. Let me know in the comments can you see it?

Cliniques Black Honey Eyeshadow and the dupe - close up

How Similar Are They?

Cliniques Black Honey Eyeshadow - black honey dupe - collage

When you get down to the grit of it you can see in the photos that Clinique’s eyeshadow is much finer making blending easier. The other thing I noticed is both have a gold glitter within them with Makeup Revolutions being chunkier pieces which gave a more golden effect through it. Black Honey is much finer & created a pearlescent finish without covering as much of the main shade which has more deep plum tone. As with cheaper shadows it does take more product to get the same level of colour so takes a bit longer to build. When you look at it overall though you could buy Just Me 16 times over in place of the one Black Honey. That being said I don’t know how long it will take to finish one Clinique single eyeshadow as it’s my first. If you’ve never tried a shade out like this then go with Just Me so even if you hate is you’ve only lost a £1. If you do like it you can always treat yourself to Black Honey afterwards!

Cliniques Black Honey Eyeshadow and the dupe - worn 2


In the light of day with my eyes open it’s even more harder to tell the difference between the two. So which would you go with? Online on the websites when you look at both shades they look nothing like they do in real life which is super annoying to me. Another reason I don’t shop online much.

What do you think of the Black Honey Dupe? Could it fool you?

Clinique Black Honey £16

Makeup Revolution £1