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Black Honey – Clinique’s Signature Shade

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Black Honey - Cliniques Signature Shade - mi

I wanted to get this black honey swatch-fest out there quick if you see the set in store & are unsure if it’s for you. The set I bought includes the almost lipstick, quickliner, superbalm moisturizing gloss & a difference nail enamel (£25 now £16.66 a 1/3 off). There are a few different sets depending on the store you go in. I also picked up the eyeshadow separate as I had wanted it for a while anyway it’s £16.

Black Honey

This is one of those shades that are iconic in the make-up world. It’s been available since 1971 & the almost lipstick since 1989, Clinique globally ships 1 tube every 2 minutes.

The Swatch-Fest – Black Honey

Black Honey - Cliniques Signature Shade - swatches
L-R : Clinique’s Eyeshadow, Quickliner, Almost Lipstick & Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss.

Black Honey – All About Shadow

Black Honey - Cliniques Signature Shade - eyeshadow

This is for me the most I’ve spent on a single eyeshadow at £16 (2.2g), the closest to it would be Mac’s refill single eyeshadows at £10 (1.5g). If you look at them per gram of eyeshadow Mac is £6.66 per/gram and Clinique is £7.27 per/gram. The colour pay off is there at first swipe which is what sold it to me in store. They’re buttery soft & easy to blend out. For the eyes I did below I packed the colour across the lid then blended up & out. I have hooded lids so I like to take the shade above the crease while my eyes are open so I can get the shape even & then blend out. This means when my eyes are open the blended shadow isn’t hidden in the crease it’s self. If you prefer a softer version of black honey you can use a smaller amount near the lash line and keep blending out, this makes it an almost pale plum red.

Black Honey – Intense Quickliner

This is another first for me as I haven’t tried there quickliners before. This is the intense version which you apply then work with for it if you prefer a smudged in effect for a minute, then it sets. I’ve not tested the water-proof theory but I have worn it all day & it is a pain to remove. I’ll have to buy specific eye make-up remover for this (suggestions welcome). The only problem with this is the shade Black Honey as a quickliner is only available in the sets at Christmas. I think I will have to stock up next year as I really do like it. It’s as dark as black honey looks when you see it in the stick in the almost lipstick. It stops your liner looking too stark against the eyeshadow.

A possible close shade in the Intense Quickliners is Aubergine but not as dark or another idea is there Brush On Cream Liner you get 5ml for £16.50 which I’m a tempted to try.

Black Honey - Clinique's Signature Shade - me
Left side of my lips – Black Honey Almost Lipstick & on the right the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

Black Honey – Almost Lipstick & Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

The first time I did my face with all the black honey make-up I went with the gloss as it felt at the time like it was all too similar. Now I see them both on the same photo above I think both suit it well. Both feel hydrating but the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is shiny with less colour & the Almost Lipstick is more of a satin wash of colour. I’m getting more into gloss I just can’t deal with the up keep but this one doesn’t feel sticky but balmy as described. I believe this is only available in this shade as part of the sets.

The full size Almost Lipstick is 1.9 grams & is £20.50.

Black Honey – A Different Nail Enamel

Black Honey - Cliniques Signature Shade - make a difference nail varnish

Most sets like this come with nail polish which is fine but when I think of Clinique I expect quality. I loved everything else in the Black Honey products I have but this just let it’s self down. I understand the concept of the A Different nails enamels are to be for people with sensitive eyes and nails so I’m not the target audience. What I would say is if this is the same as the nail varnish in the full size at £12 I’d be disappointed. The brush may be different as this is a holiday set size but if Essie & even Rimmel’s 60 Sec polishes have better brushes then why can’t they? The other part is I’m a two coat girl at best, any more & you’ve lost me. By the second coat it was still patchy, the colour was beautiful where it was opaque but not enough to be happy with it. For a similar shade I wrote about before Christmas Mavala’s Black Cherry  which is £4.75 may be a better choice.

If you do have sensitive eyes or nails then it may still be worth trying the full size A Different Nail Enamels they may be better, they are 9ml for £12.