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Birchbox Pop Up Shop In Selfridges

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In my overly obsessiveness about beauty, if we get chance to go into Selfridges as we did last week I always check out if there’s anything going on to make sure I have an excuse to go in! Thank you Birchbox not only did I get the above pick n mix box but also got my brows done at the Blinc Brow Bar as a treat. They came out lovely & were well over due being done as I’d forgotten my tweezers for the overnight stay! Back to business Birchbox had a pop up shop so I wanted to share with you the bit’s I got my hands on!

Birchbox Who?

If you’re not familiar with the name Birchbox then likely is that you’ve no idea what the brand does. I’d say its a bigger blogger thing but I think these are perfect for anyone just getting into beauty as well as long time addicts. They’re boxes that get mailed through the post on a monthly basis with decent sized samples of beauty brands. With Birchbox these are purely beauty based this can include skincare, makeup, hair care & nail products. They do vary between what could be in your box as opposed to mine but often it’s shade variations more than anything. It’s perfect for trying out something new you might not have chosen for yourself. I love getting the chance to try something a bit more luxe without having to pay full price & possibly not like it.

Birchbox at Selfridges + see whats inside

Birchbox at Selfridges

As a pop up store you get to actually have a look at what you’d be subscribing too so you have an idea of what might come through your door. It was a choice of 6 items in sets of 4 where you could pick one of each depending on what you liked the look of. For this it was £15 on the day, if you subscribe it’s £10 + postage per month.

Birchbox at Selfridges + Products

What I Choose

First was skincare & as soon as I saw there was something from Sarah Chapman I was instantly sold on it. It’s the 3D Moisture Infusion Mask which would be great for a pampering seen as my skin is so dry. This alone sells for £39 for 4 so this on its own is worth £9.75!

I then choose this Lip Pencil Duo in Mia by Wild About Beauty, this brand is available in House Of Fraser online but I, not sure I’ve seen it elsewhere. I think this could be a good my lips but better combo for when I don’t have time for more precise lipstick application. It’s £14.50 & I think this is the full size!

Next was more makeup but I wasn’t as wowed by the choice. I went for the safe option of a Lord & Berry Kohl Pencil in Black. I will try this out but I can’t say it was the best pick of them.

I was however torn between the body care as there was a Korres body lotion but I choose Rituals as I always give them a sniff in M&S but can’t justify buying them as I go through moisturisers way too fast! This is the Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing body cream that smells divine. This is 70ml which is worth about £5.95.

I’m sure I shouldn’t get excited about tooth paste but I’ve been on about buying this for the last year & couldn’t bring myself to spend the higher price for this over my Pearl Drops Everyday White. Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste is normally £10 for 75ml which I know it’s important to take care of your teeth but I just wasn’t sure it could make that big of a difference. However I’m more that willing to give it a go now I have this sample size.

Last & a bit least is the Parlor Moisturising Sea Salt spray which was the better of 4 choices as the others were shampoos which put me off them straight away. I may give this a go at some point but it just depends on how I decide to style my recently bleached blonde hair!

As far as I can tell I easily got more that my £15 it cost to put together just on the Sarah Chapman face mask & the Rituals Body Cream. This is usually how it works out with most subscription boxes but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get what you want every time. That’s just how it works!

Have you tried out any other subscription boxes?

Which do you think are worth it?

Are you interested in getting one?