Benefit The POREfessional – An In Depth Review #TBT

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Benefit The Porefessional - mac select cover up concelaer

When I started wearing make-up I’m not even sure I knew what a primer was or even why I would be bothered to add the extra step to my routine. For all you who haven’t been introduced to primers they’re basically meant to make your foundation last longer. Most contain added benefits similar to how bb/cc creams have the added skin care bonus to what a tinted moisturiser would be. Benefits such as helping with spots, colour correcting & hide pores which is what The Porefessional is for. If you’d like to see what I posted on this way back when see Porefessional Results In A Primer which I still stand by as a good mini review.?

The POREfessional – Is it worth the hype ?

I’ve gone through phases with this primer, some days I loved it & others meant taking a wipe to my freshly applied foundation to fix it. I’ve had this for well over a year now so I think I’ve sorted all the kinks out now. As a silicone based primer you could say they’re all the same but I can’t disagree more. This has the same slip because of the silicone which gives the silky smooth feel but it just does more. It’s tinted a translucent beige which helped to even skin tone but only a bit, it’s more like a blurring effect. The finish isn’t greasy either but actually creates a matt finish which I find so refreshing. On lazy days I’ve applied this on its own just to give a better skin finish all over without the need to apply make-up. I do however use this differently than I did when I first bought it even though I mainly still use it on my nose & cheeks.

My Latest Technique for The POREfessional

Now I don’t hope to scare you but the reason that I have done this post is it’s taken me this long in my time as a blogger to show you my nose (warts & all). I hate my nose and when I have nothing covering it I hate it even more. I have pores like craters & blackheads that I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get rid off. So here’s the warning the photos below I have foundation on everywhere except my nose. It sounds stupid but I like the rest of my face I just don’t love my nose. Which is why when I found The POREfessional it went straight to holy grail status.

Benefit The Porefessional - no primer on nose
No makeup on my nose – Face has Loreal True Match applied to it (see how further down)

Between the photo above where I have nothing on my nose & the one below you can see the blurring happening. Most of the pores at the tip of my nose are hidden, my nose it a hell of a lot less shiny & it’s even hidden some of the redness where I had a spot that’s healing. I apply this in very small amounts just with my finger, this allows me to get it just where I need it most. If you use too much then you have to spread it further otherwise it sits above the level of you skin & this can affect your foundation as it makes it too slippery. I like to apply primers before I do my hair which allows them chance to set a little by the time I get to my make-up.

Benefit The Porefessional - primer applied to nose
The POREfessional applied to my nose

I Can’t Credit Benefit – It’s How I Apply Foundation That’s The Real Saviour

Benefit The Porefessional - primer and loreal true match foundation
I know how pale I look but it’s just because I rarely see the sun & my Loreal True Match is closest match I have.

I’ve applied this primer so many times and had the unfortunate fail where The POREfessional has cause my foundation to smear & break apart. It’s not a pretty sight & utterly frustrating to have to start again. What I will say it’s all silicone primers that seem to do this. I know because I went through multiple foundations thinking that it was that which was the problem. Fingers just don’t work they drag the foundation & the primer underneath. What does work is a sponge, not just any old sponge but the one I use is Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I don’t wet this one as I feel like adding water to this means it’s sat on top of the silicone and in the foundation which I find can go a little crazy paving (not pretty at all). I dot a small bit on the sponge and press this in dabbing motions starting from my nose and blending out. No pulling on the face just pushing it to your skin and lifting it away or rolling it without dragging. This leaves the primer where it was and adds the foundation on top. I’ve included the Mac Select Cover-Up concealer as I use this mainly to highlight under my eyes using this sponge and it sits better with the POREfessional underneath it.

Would I repurchase The POREfessional?

Unless I find something better which after over a year I haven’t yet I would buy this again in a heartbeat. It actually took me the best part of 6 months to convince myself to get it because of the £24.50 price tag. I’m happily still using this which I feel like will never seem to run out. That and I also have a mini from a magazine freebie which are really worth buying if you see them.

Right now it’s 10% off but usually Debenhams up the discount to 20% in the run up to Christmas so It might be worth holding out on