Beauty Samples – Which Would I Buy?

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I often pick up a magazine or three because beauty samples came with it. It’s the perfect way to try before you have to buy the full size. However I often say I’ll save them for holidays then end up taking with me my favourites over bringing something I don’t know if I’ll like or potentially hate. So in a bid to do better I have tried out the above samples to see if I’m likely to purchase them with my own cash!

Beauty Samples 

Clinique Pop in Nude & Cherry Pop – £16

These came with Glamour magazine & I just had to get hold of both shades. They were just £2 each so well worth it when you compare it with the full size at £16. The reason the cherry pop is in the photo is the nude has become a staple in my bag for times when I just need something to perk my lips up a bit. It’s creamy & glides on easily, it’s not going to be permanent all day colour but it’s a quick swipe to top up. I love that it’s colour & primer built together so it’s perfect for traveling with. Sometimes I’ll apply Nude Pop when I’ve not got a lip balm with me as it feels so moisturising. I only recently tried out cherry pop so I can’t say if it differs much but it really is as bright as it’s packaging. I love that you can tell what shade they are even mixed it with other lipsticks it just stands out.

Repurchase – This is a big yes, I really want rebel pop because I’m addicted to purple lipstick!

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer in Mink Brown – £18.50

I’ve been so over Benefit for so long that I hurts to recommend them even when I love the Porefessional Primer. I know there blushes are loved by many but the claims they make are off the chart. However when a Benefit sample comes up I have to at least try it out. I liked Roller Lash but my heart is with other mascaras more, I just prefer a bushy wand. With this primer it’s a plastic spiky wand which does fine for covering your lashes but I think it’s in the formula where it wins for me. This is good as a day time mascara, adds definition with a more subtle look than black would. I actually used this as a hail mary for my wedding day I’d picked it up the day before! I had bought a high-end mascara that I applied to my top lashes but had found it smudged too easily on my bottom lashes. I think it lasted long than I did that day! It’s like a latex coating similar to the tubing mascaras but without the awkward removal.

Repurchase – Yes, but only if they bring out a black one so I can use it on my top lashes too, otherwise if it’s not a special day I wouldn’t remember to do it.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ – £30

When Clinique revamped this product I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it feels very similar to how I remember it. I found this to be great as an alternative to a primer when my skin gets really dry. I have Psoriasis which can get inflamed but this gets soaked up & softens my skin. It has that nostalgic familiar scent that I love & isn’t too intrusive on the face. For me though since I have owned this before I just tend to pick up the minis as a treat when they are in magazines.

Repurchase – No, unless I suddenly had more money & could afford to.

Eyeko Black Magic – £15

I love to try new mascaras out to see if my long love of Maybelline’s Great Lash can be out done. I know mascara is about personal preference & we all have different lashes to work with. This one for me is really nice & I keep picking it up to use over others. It does add a nice curl & I feel like it holds it better than others do. I don’t completely love the wand as I feel like the curve on the brush is short compared with mine so it can feel a little awkward. I also find the bristles a little scratchy but it’s another one where the formula works well. For me a mascara works if it’s not speckled on the skin under my eyes at the end of the day, so it did work for me.

Repurchase – If I feel spendy the next time I’m somewhere that stocks it I’d like to pick up the full size. Somebody tell Selfridges or Space NK that Sheffield is on the map, I’d like them to visit & stay!

Rmk – Make-up Base – £28

There is something about samples that come in sachet that I find means I don’t use them. I hoard them & it’s daft but I tried this on a whim after being passed it in Selfridges. It feels like a really light cream similar to Porefessional but creamier & less of that silicone feel to it. It has a light colour to it but that disappears quickly. It reminds me of a primer I picked up in T.K.Maxx by Loreal a Studio Secrets Professional primer I think it wasn’t made for the UK. I’ve used that stuff sparingly so I don’t waste it. They both seem to make applying any foundation a dream. I don’t know if wear time is longer but making me apply make-up better just sets me up for a better day.

Repurchase – Yes. This will likely be the first thing I buy when I have cash spare to do so even though it’s crazy expensive. I literally squeezed the last little bit from the sachet last week & was sad to see it go!

How often do you turn beauty samples into purchases?

Let me know below which so I know what to look for next!