Beards Like Botanics

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Botanics Mens Face Scrub


Botanics – The Power Of Plants


There won’t be many mens products that make it on to here unless I get repeated told about them every time it gets used. The funny thing is I must have told him to try this Botanics face scrub at least for 2 or 3 months now before he miraculously picked it up himself and claimed he’s found it. I’m used to him phasing out when skin care  get’s mensions the same way I do when I hear the words “cod”, “titanfall” and “gears”.

I think certain men are born knowing that face wash is nescessary and other need a little bit of a nudge. The Botanics was definetly a nudge, it was me knowing that under all that beard was skin lurking there needing more than just face wash. He does have a few scrubs but they only get used for skin that’s on view. When I asked him why he said that the other ones made his beard itch or even made it feel coarse and scratchy.

From what I have been told from the bearded man this really does help to clear out and keep the oil away. His beard is quite dense but is only about half inch long. The botanics stays very creamy as you work it around your face but gets down to the skin. The walnut shell helps to scrub not just the skin but the beard hair as well. I’ve noticed when he does shave it close he seems to get spots less often. Over 2 or 3 weeks of use he says his beard feels softer and when he does wash ti back out you don’t end up with any residue or scrub bits left in there.

Botanics Mens Face Scrub is £3.99 for 120 ml