bare minerlals foundation sample

Bare Skin By BareMinerals

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In my search for the perfect foundation it has led me to try BareMinerals, a brand I’ve only tried once. There’s no particular reason I just haven’t been wowed by any reviews. I know the powder mineral foundations are well-loved but I have dry skin so the Bare Skin foundation seems perfect with it’s built in serum.

Can a foundation help improve your skin while you wear it? Can I just say I know counter staff are there to sell you something but it’s more annoying when they suggest that you should by the brush too even though they applied it to your skin with a different brush? If the foundation can’t stand up on its own I’m not buying into it that the brush will fix it. That & I’ve heard nothing good about it even though she was telling me it’s the number one foundation brush in the UK. Is that serious or just how many times somebody got convinced they needed it when they bought the foundation? I know sceptic much! It’s just who I am.

Bare Skin By BareMinerals - collage


Bare Skin – Shade 1

I know I always compare to Macs Mineralize Moisture foundation but I think it’s a good base line for what shade I’m usually aiming at. Yes Bare Skin looks much darker but the serum finish & low pigmentation blends this out much lighter on the skin.

What BareMinerals Says

Ultra thin, silky texture – one to two weightless fluid drops transform, soften and smooth the appearance of your complexion.


  • SHAKE well for a perfect mix of ingredients.
  • DROP 1 drop of foundation into the brush reservoir and add more, 1 at a time, to increase coverage
  • BUFF onto the skin in circular motions

1-2 Drops = Sheer Coverage

3-4 Drops = Medium Coverage

5-6 Drops = Full Coverage

Bare Skin By BareMinerals - face


This was me after I applied it with my fingers, I did it with the Real Techniques buffing brush & it just streaked all over the place. This is one of those foundations you have to shake well before hand. Fingers seem to warm it and blend it without moving it too much. Bare Skin by name, bare skin by nature , this is a very light foundation. I didn’t feel like it was enough for me & I couldn’t  seem to build it without moving it, if felt like even more slip than Macs Mineralize Moisture. Overall when you look from a short distance you can;t really see much wrong with it. It does even your skin out & brighten the complexion , maybe this would be best for women who wear little make-up & want to combine the skincare effects of a serum with the benefits of a good tinted moisturiser.

Bare Skin By BareMinerals - close up

Why Bare Skin Isn’t For Me


My biggest bug bear with many foundations are they sit in my large pores which accentuates them. Usually I don’t notice this until then end of the day but when I applied this I could see it immediately. I tried it with & without primer, fingers or brush & I just couldn’t work it out. I have dehydrated skin so thought the serum element would help this. On the photo above you can just see this happening, I also had a patch of dry skin at the tip of my nose you can just see. The foundation seemed to cling to this making it look even worse. I even sat in the lovely crease under my eyes giving me that nice white line under them!

Bare Minerals Bare Skin is 30ml for £26 & the Perfecting Face Brush is £24 at Boots.

I’d love to know how many of you spend £50 on a foundation because that’s basically what you’d be doing if you did buy this. Do you have a better foundation you can recommend for medium coverage pale skin.