Bare Minerals Shadow Liner & A Repurposed Pot

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Bare Minerals Shadow Liner - products

Somebody please tell me it’s not only me who buys makeup without thinking about how I’m going to apply it? When i saw the little black pot above in T.K.Maxx i’m not even sure I had a specific understanding that it was eye shadow or eyeliner. In hindsight it could be used for a bit of both. It only cost me £3.99 so I was chuffed at been able to try Bare Minerals out without the price tag if I didn’t like it. These are normally £14 and this one is a discontinued shade named Fashionista. It’s a brown with a hint of red warmth in it, from what I’ve seen if the available shades the closest is Retro a deep brown.

I’ve not tried this out dry as I fail at smokey eyes so I’m sticking to my love of eyeliner, clean lined eyeliner. When I decided to first use this I did this in the center of y hand and as soon as I went to use it the liquid liner ran down my arm as I went to pull my eye smooth to use it.

New Method for Bare Minerals Shadow Liner

Bare Minerals Shadow Liner - step 1

Yes that’s a glass candle holder , it’s weighted pretty well so hard to knock over  and enough room to mix or not mix depending how liquid you want it and how pigmented. That’s Urban Decay Setting Spray in there just one spray is enough. You could use any and in a rush even used water with no trouble.

Bare Minerals Shadow Liner - step 2

I dampened the angled brush with the spray but not dripping wet. Then lightly touched it into the cake liner so it picked up the pigment without getting the rest wet in the pot. I slowly added more spray into it until the liner had fully mixed. More liquid means lighter shade so I tested it on the back of my hand to see what colour I had.

Bare Minerals Shadow Liner - lines

I could do with a brush specifically for eyeliner as the Eco Tools angled brush I normally use for my eye brows and it’s a little thick for finer detail. I love that when you apply it you can get it right into the lash line so you don’t have any gaps in your lashes. This really does stay all day once it’s set but it’s not waterproof so if you do mess up a cotton bud can fix it.

Bare Minerals Shadow Liner - eye

For a better overall view of how it looks on have a quick look at my Five Product Face I used this in. To buy it or look at the other shades available take a look here.