Baked Bronze on Budget by Collection

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Collection eyeshadow i baked bronze swatch collage

I swear I have spent more time wandering through drugstore make up shelves lately than getting sleep some week. However many times I go in there is always something new to catch my eye or an old interest that I want to sample again to see if my mind has changed. Or something that has been around forever and each time I go in I say to myself I’ll pick that up next time and forget.

The Collection single eyeshadows fall under that category, at just £2.19 it’s so cheap and yet that always makes me wonder if it’s cheap then it won’t be any good. The other problem is I only seem to find them in Superdrug stores and that’s where you can get them still online. When I got it I’m half wondering if they will be discontinued and I really hope not.

The packaging is basic plastic but at least you can see what shade it is if you get more than one, it did scuff pretty quickly but it’s a basic eyeshadow so I don’t mind.

Collection Baked Bronze worn

So Whats Baked Bronze Like?

To begin with it’s not highly pigmented but for the price it can easily be layered up to get the full depth baked bronze shade. It’s shimmery but not full of glitter which I do like. I found it takes a little bit more effort to blend this out but if I had added a crease shade that would solve that but I was going for a quick application. With a base this lasted most of the time I was out and didn’t crease. I like this for traveling as it takes very little space up so could even be kept in your bag to top it up using just a finger.My bronze collection is slowly building up and I’m glad to have added Collections baked bronze into the mix.

There are 10 shades available online but I would definetly suggest testing these out in store as some of the shades look stronger in the photos than they actually.