Badedas Bath Foam – Help For Psoriasis

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I like me you have psoriasis or other kinds of dermatitis then this might be for you. This isn’t t say anyone can’t use Badedas but it’s particularly useful for those of us with sensitive skin. From what I realised over the years it’s a pretty much unknown brand. Hidden away among many other better known brands on the drug store shelves. I’ve had the large bottle a very long time due to moving into a flat that had no bath but I just couldn’t throw it away. We’ve been in our house for a few months and we’ve already repurchased the 300 ml bottle.

Badedas Original Bath Gelee contains extracts of horse-chestnut to leave skin soft, moisturised and delicately fragranced.

Why Badedas is a Family Favourite


It’s not your normal scent it’s quite herbal maybe even a little medicinal but it’s unique to Badedas. Something I must warn you about this is no ordinary bath foam. If you use the same amount as you would with other bath foams then you’ll end up with three times the number of bubble. It also has an almost luminous green shade to it and this turns the bath water the same colour, it doesn’t stain but kinda like how the Lush bath bomb colour the water.

Badedas Bath Foam - Psoriasis Beware - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - collage

That being said this really does make for a great bath time treat. The thing that makes this different is when I soak in a bath of this the skin that is affected by psoriasis seems to soften and thin out. It seems to be a good moisturizer I don’t feel like my skin has been striped in anyway afterwards. The affect from Badedas also lasts for a day or two afterwards and my skin takes much longer for it to get bad again. If you have psoriasis you’ll know what I mean. My dad has been having skin sensitivity where he can’t even use Oilatum or E45. But like me he has the Badedas 3 in 1 shampoo,shower gel and conditioner. He can use this an upto now he’s been fine with it and hasn’t reacted.

Badedas might not be to every ones tastes but when you have as much trouble as our family with skin conditions this is one of the better products.

Badedas Bath Gelee is usually £6.19 (£4.13 at Boots) for 300 ml.

Badedas 3 in 1 Shower Gel, shampoo and Conditioner is usually £2.29 (£1.53 in Boots) for 200 ml.