Could This B. The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need?

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I know there are many a brush cleanser for quickly cleaning your makeup brushes so you can use them either straight away or the next day. I know I’m not the only one to hate deep cleansing brushes with a passion, it has to be done weekly but in between that & you’re pushing it! Lazy or not when I saw the B. range in Superdrug had brush cleansing wipes I needed to try them. I know wipes aren’t for your face but could they b. for your brushes? Ultimately I was thinking for travel but also when I need to swap shades & use the same brush!

b. brush cleanser wipes spray

B. Brush Cleanser

B. Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - smudge brush

These wipes don’t exactly smell the nicest but they’re not meant to be near the face, I was just curious! They are however decently wet which often normal face wipes aren’t. I have used in a push when away for a night, baby & face wipes work as a brush cleanser but only in make-up emergencies. On my little smudge brush this cleaned the dark eyeshadow out really well without much effort.

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - mac

Again the Mac 217 was cleaned quickly out however I imagine a cream based eyeshadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos probably wouldn’t come out so fast.

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - ysl blush brush

I really wanted these wipes for travel as I always worry liquids will leak into my bag & ruin everything. I thought they had done a good job initially with this Ysl blush brush but it can only do surface cleaning. It was clean about half way down then there was a lot of powder that had clogged up where it was a little wet but not clean.

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - kiko 2

Next I tried cleaning the Kiko Lid brush which is just the wrong shape for me to apply eyeshadow but I like it for blending in concealer under my eyes. However it does become useless after one use so has to be cleaned every time. Like the blush brush this only half cleaned the brush & not enough for it to be used again. You can easily see the concealer still stuck at the bottom.

B. Brush Cleanser Spray

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - ysl blush brush - spray

So I tried cleansing the blush brush again but with the spray this time. I sprayed it twice which made it wet enough to clean but I did use the wipe to brush the make-up out of it. I also used the wipe then to squeeze while holding the brush head facing down to really clean deep enough into the bristles (hairs). This got it really clean & worked as a spray but like most sprays the brush was still wet the next day. I got similar results with the Kiko brush you can see below.

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - wipe - kiko 3

B. Brush Cleanser Conclusions

I think for an overnight stay I would take the B. Brush Cleansing Wipes away with me for my small brushes only as this is where it works best. As for my large brushes I’d leave the spray at home & maybe only use it as an in between deep cleanses if I know I’ll need it within a day or two. Deep brush cleansing that I do with Dr Bronners still usually takes a week in our house as it’s so cold still! I would repurchase the wipes but think very rarely as we don’t get away that often.

Could This B The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need - spray bottle

As for the spray I’ll use it up when I remember to but I don’t think I’d repurchase it over trying something new. If I need to clean bigger brushes while way I’d likely use liquid eye make-up remover or a micellar water. That in mind it has the Leaping Bunny logo so it’s not tested on animals, is vegan & vegetarian friendly.

B. Brush Cleansing Wipes (25) – £3.99

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser Spray 125ml – £4.99

What is your favourite quick way to clean your brushes?

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