Aveeno For Dry & Sensitive Skin

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I’m just going to say it, I have psoriasis (with a silent p) which most people don’t know. If you have it you know what the deal is but for everyone else Aveeno is for really dry & sensitive skin. I’ve had Psoriasis since I was 4 & have gone through many treatments, some work but many don’t. I’ve finally accepted it as one of those things that will annoy me but won’t kill me. Luckily for me I’ve got this new love in my life, let’s see what Aveeno is all about.


I’ve had it as bad as 70% of my body & face. For now it’s just on my knees & elbows with a few small bits in my eyebrows of the stupid places. It’s the itch you have to scratch but you don’t just scratch it you make it bleed, scab & start again. With no real cure I prefer to stick with nice smelling moisturizer instead of icky ointments. If I don’t use moisturizer it itches so I’m always randomly using them & have them dotted all over my house.



Oddly enough that I came across this from my doctor. not that its specific medical I just think it’s a really good moisturiser. It’s also suitable for people prone to eczema. The main ingredient that is mentioned is Collodial Oatmeal which helps to sooth itchy, scratchy dry skin. This keeps my skin smoother for so much longer. I can use this before I go to work around 7am & not want to scratch my skin all day. It helps keep the psoriasis thin & doesn’t seem to build up as fast as it used to. I haven’t reacted in any way to it at all. I use it all over & it’s great to use after you’ve shaved your legs as it stops any dry patches. As it was prescribed to me it was prescription cost but it can be purchased from drug stores.

Aveeno Mosturising Lotion – 500ml – £12.89

What’s your favourite body lotion for super dry or sensitive skin?

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dupes are a girls best friend, dupesareagirlsbestfriend,dupesagirlsbf