Aquis Turban & Towels – Are They Worth £30 Each?

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After going blonde I decided I needed all the help I could get with maintaining the condition. I’d seen the Aquis towel over on A Models Recommends YouTube channel & she seemed to love it. When I saw them in T.K.Maxx I snapped them up instantly. I paid £5.99 for them as they were the original colour line & they had changed them up over on their website. The turban & towel to buy online are £30 each, so come find out if they’re worth it?

I feel like going blonde has to be a bit of a love affair. It seems to take much more effort than I remember it. I think a big difference is when your paying a salon to do it the cost is much high. However it’s in a much healthier condition than when I did it myself so it’s more than worth it. I’m sure you can agree having long hair not just damaged or blonde takes forever to dry naturally. I hate using a hair dryer it’s a last resort especially with the sun appearing over the UK recently! My hair was damp the next morning, putting it in a pony tail band is a big no-no if you don’t want it to stretch & break.


This is why I wanted to get an Aquis towel. I’d tried other cheap micro fiber turbans from shops like Primark & thought they’d be all the same. The material was often scratchy, felt like it was instantly soaked & left my hair feeling more frizzy than without it. They other problem is the material was stretchy in the turbans. This mean they’d slide back off my hair & be more hassle than help.


Lisse Luxe Hair Towel

When I first started using these back in May I was a little sceptical that they’d be any better. At first I just used the towel which really does take a lot of water out of your hair. Rather than rubbing it dry which makes your hair follicles rougher I pressed it from both side with the towel. Don’t squeeze like your ringing a towel out as that will damage the hair too. You can see the towel gets damp but it never drips water afterwards. I try to use as much of the towel as possible to make the most of it. Now if you were going to use a hair dryer at this point the towel would be all you’d need. If like me your lazy & let of dry naturally then maybe the Turban is more suited.


Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

Once I’ve done with the towel & I’m just getting on with life in general I use the Turban. My hair is medium to long length but I can easily fit it all in. If you twist the end too many times it can be hard to get the loop around the button as the material it’s self isn’t stretch but the edge is elasticated. I prefer this as it feels sturdier & can move around without expecting it to fall out. What I prefer with the turban is I don’t end up with water all over my clothes or anything I might had rested my head on. I’ll usually leave this on for about an hour or two as by that point it’s soaked up all it can. Like most of the turbans I find those bits of hair at the front sticking out annoying but I can live with that.

In The Morning

I’d say my hair is 95% dry after sleeping if not completely, depending on how warm or cold the night was. This is much better than it used to be. Going into work in winter with wet hair is no fun at all! The weather is turning in Britain & the temperature is slowly dropping. My inital thought was I’d get lots of use out of the towels but not so much of the turban. In the end it was kinda the opposite, I use both now but I think if I had to pay full price I’d pick the Turban.

I did find the Aquis Lisse Luxe Towel & Turbans have 20% off over on Feel Unique.