April Skincare Empties 2015

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These are my empties from maybe even March too but I just kept saving them & forgetting about them at the same time. Some are of my fellas products too because it’s a real rarity that he empties anything I thought I’d share what he did finish! I know this isn’t the most original of backgrounds but I’m in blogging hell with my make-up room/attic still without a proper carpet. That & I’ve lived in Sheffield so long & only just got one of these t-shirts, I already want more especially the Henderson’s tee.

April Empties

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads – 65s – £5.35

I liked this extra step in my routine they were a nice addition but I just never got round to buying more. That & I’m testing some Glycolic Masks out at the moment. I wanted to see how they would help my spots instead & I am kinda missing them. I would say for sensitive skin gals to try the Clearasil Ultra 5 in 1 because I don’t think they’re quite as strong with more fruit acids in them than salicylic acid. The Ultra Rapid smell quite strong & do leave you with a bit of a red face but it does calm down quickly. Don’t panic!

Lush Kalamazoo – 110g – £6.50

This is a cleanser aimed at blokes but especially ones with beards. I can honestly say I’ve not seen my bloke love anything enough to repurchase it but he did before he even finished it. Just because its for me doesn’t mean it’s not uni-sex after all it’s a cleanser but to say it has pineapple in it there’s a quite smokey smell that says “for men” to me. If your fella has a beard then this is worth it’s weight, for more information link on title above.

Organic Surge Extra Care Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser – 150 ml –  £15.90

Now before I start I didn’t pay full price I got it a T.K.Maxx for £6.99. The cleanser is actually quite lovely, the scent a little too strong but more than usable. The packaging it awful it gets messy & looks untidy as the cleanser comes out all over the lid after you’ve used it. It’s why even when I saw more in T.K.Maxx a few weeks back I didn’t repurchase it. However if you can live with that or like the cleanser already the only difference with the T.K.Maxx ones is it doesn’t come with a muslin cloth.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 – 50 ml – £4.99 (on offer £2.49)

This little pot is a real love at the moment I already am into my second pot because I love it so much. It is scent but one which I like & it sinks it quickly which is thumbs up because I never have enough time in the morning. I like that it has spf, even just SPF 15 is enough for in the week as I barely seen daylight Monday to Friday while I’m at work. It does leave a bit of a sheen to the skin but I don’t mind it at work & weekends it gets make-up on top of it anyway.

Garnier Moisture Match Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream – 50ml – £3.99

This has been used on & off for at least 6 months likely even longer as I never appreciated it for what it was. I tried using it on my entire face but it’s so rich it feels more like a balm. What I got best use out of it was as a aimed treatment for dry patches which then helped make-up sit better the next morning. This really is super hydrating, only niggle is it’s another heavily scented one which might put you off it.

Yes To Carrot Normal To Dry Skin Night Cream – 50 ml – £9.99

This I ran out of last month & I just felt a bit blah about it. I know it’s meant to be super hydrating but it didn’t feel that way to me. I’m way more of the dry side of the scale but I still expected more from it for the price. I guess the all natural element that it draws from Carrots just doesn’t entice me enough to repurchase.

Scaramouche & Fandango Body Wash – 50ml – £3.99

Another one from T.K.Maxx the link above is to where you can buy them if you fancy treating your fella to something new. I picked it up because of the name it just made me happy inside & gets Queen stuck in my head all day long. As for the body wash it was nice to use but expensive. He has sensitive skin & doesn’t react to it but says’ that Lush Happy Hippy is still his prefered choice.

Loreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil – 150 ml – £7.99

This seemed to last forever you need very little maybe 1-2 pumps but it gets 99% of a full face make-up off in one go. You can use it over the eye area but it does make your eyes blurry but sting in any way ( at least for me). It has a bit of an odd smell which if you get on your lips isn’t pleasant but for occasional make-up gal then this may be just what you need as an all-rounder.

So lots of empties this time round which is why I attempted to keep it brief & to the point. What have you been using up this month?

Jess x