My Lipstick Method – Even With A Lip Ring In!

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This I guess is a random one but it only occurred to me recently how often I’ve worn lipstick. I know it can be hard enough to apply as it is but with a lip ring it’s even more trouble. You can’t do that magical sweep across your bottom lips in one go like I see on Youtube, it’s just not possible. When I noticed last week that I’d created a sort of method for for it I thought you might find it useful too. However keep in mind this works even if you don’t have a lip piercing, it helps get a more even line without lip liner.

The Lipstick Lip Ring Method

Now this should work with all lipsticks, bullet or the chubby stick style it’s more likely a super dry formula would hinder this. However even Macs Matte Diva or the Nars Velvet Mattes have enough slide┬ábefore they set. Also the price doesn’t make a difference either but I’d say the crayon style is best for beginners as it gives you more control. The one I used below is Maybelline Color Drama in Keep It Classy which I’ve got lots of use out of.

How To Apply Lipstick With A Lip Ring In - 1 and 2

Firstly expect to look a bit odd while doing it but remeber it does work. I’ve not included applying it to the top lip as you fill that in as would anybody applying lipstick. Next using your finger push your lip ring over to one side.

How To Apply Lipstick With A Lip Ring In - 3 and 4

While the lipstick on your top lip is still tacky purse your lip down onto your bottom lip, keep looking to see where it finishes & then stop. You should then end up with a partial print on your bottom lip giving you a guide line to work with.

How To Apply Lipstick With A Lip Ring In - 5 and 6

One thing I have no idea is why I started shutting my eyes at this point! Any how next repeat the step again on the other side. Moving the ring over allows you to see how far to go so your can press your lips the same amount so the guide line meets in the middle.

How To Apply Lipstick With A Lip Ring In - 7 and 8

This gives you a line where you can swipe your lipstick inside of &┬áthen repeat pressing each side down until you get an opaque colour. This gives an even layer of lipstick without the mess, just remember to go back over the top lip a little to fill it back in. Now I know that the photo on the right should be the last one but the one at the top of the page is. Something I always used to forget was to turn my lip ring round so there wasn’t lipstick all over it like it is above. Also clean the piercing as you turn it round otherwise you end up with lipstick on your face where the ring goes through your lip.

Yep a random post but it may be useful to somebody out there, do you have any piercings? Do they get in the way of make-up application?

My Lipstick Method