Apple Green Directions Mohawk – How I Lost Thursday & Friday

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bleach jerome russel
I’m not saying this is the one to use it’s just easily available from drugstores in the UK.

If you’ve read a very old post of mine on the state my hairs gone through you,ll know I’m pretty laid back when it comes to hair colour. I’ve had mine in multiple colours many times when I was younger so when my fella asked if I’d do his I was game to see how it would look. He wanted it turquoise originally but the shop didn’t have it so he choose apple green from directions.

I’m not showing this to you as a how to guide, we’ve done the many times but it’s not “how it should be done” there’s a reason hairdressers get paid to bleach hair. This is more a cathartic way of showing how Thursday and Friday kinda disappeared on me and why my Friday weigh in post was so late in the day. I actually enjoyed doing it this time as before this I’d never done it on a mohawk and it made it much easier. I first had to shave the sides back as even after 3 weeks it had already grown back so much. I haven’t done this before and at the time I was more scared than he was. It’s even more nerve wrecking when he says the word’s “I trust you”.

Ross Hair Bleached
Always wear clothing you don;t intend to wear out of the house again as you 99% of the time get it on you.

Luckily I didn’t muck it up and onto the bleach we went. We use the Jerome Russel powder bleach and cream peroxide. It took 2 attempts to get it yellow blonde as he had the blue-black still in from the last time we dyed it. We used 40% the first time and the day after 30% as we didn’t want to damage it too much. I just started at the back and using clips pulled the other hair out-of-the-way and worked my way forward. The theory was that if the back got damaged more than the front it would be less visible. See this really is one of those don’t try this at home moments. It was fine though but if you haven’t done it before get help and lots of advice. The first time I did mine I lost half the length of my hair which originally was all the way down my back as my hair was damaged from previous permanent dyes.

apple green directions on
Always wear glove, you don’t want apply green hands do you? If your not dying your own hair make sure they have a glove on so they can scratch an itch if they need too.

Apple Green Time!

Some good advice I found online was also to blow dry the hair so that it would dry out and be more porous. This meant the colour took really well as it soaked deep into the hair. The apple green Directions are really good and a reasonable price, they don’t damage the hair chemically but stain the blonde instead. This actually helps make the blonde hair less feel in a better condition because it’s adding rather than taking like the bleach has. We left this on for a good 2 or 3 hours, basically as long as he could stand it. I also came up with an awesome idea of applying my Superdrug Brightening Balm Cleanser to his face so that when we washed the colour off it wouldn’t stain his face. The Directions colours stain the skin so be careful , we didn’t want to give him an apple green face. Also no shampoo when we washed it off just conditioner to help clean the dye and obviously condition the hair too.

finished apple green directions hair
Lot’s of hair wax all the way through to style with then a coating of hair spray fro extra hold.

This was the only picture I could get of his hair up in a mohawk. He does this thing where I put a camera in his face and he does that resting bitch face. This way you can see how it looks without him looking angry. Otherwise he pulls a stupid face at me and I can’t allow that to be on the internet, I guess it would end up on IFunny. A great resource for choosing hair colours in BeeUnique they sell hair dye but also have a vast gallery. You can pick a specific colour on even dye and it shows the many photos people have sent in.