Amazon Prime Originals – Top 5 Female Led TV Series

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When it comes to TV over the last year or so I’ve barely watched live TV. I’m terrible for fast forwarding through the adverts and going too far. It’s so much easier to find an episode or three (ok, the season) to binge watch. Everyone knows Netflix but when I mention Amazon Prime Video I just get silence. That includes people with Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Video

We watch it via the Amazon app on our Xbox One or our laptop. If you don’t have either no problem Amazon Fire Stick plugs into the USB port in your tv, it even comes with its own remote. Whichever way you choose to watch there is something for everybody. Amazon Prime Originals make it worth it alone, there is always something good to watch. I’m starting by sharing my top 5 female-led shows because even in this day an age it’s a rarity. A little about each of them without any spoilers, I hate spoilers!

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Why is it always the husband has to be the comedian (sorry Chandler it’s true). This series turns the tables in a comedy tragedy genre. Mrs Maisel a 1950s housewife soon turns her family woes into some wonderfully raw comedy. Mrs Maisel’s (Rachel Brosnahan) character does steal the show but Susie (Alex Borstein) her mentor/friend really makes this a binge-worthy series.

Season 1 has 8 episodes & filming on Season 2 (10 episodes) has begun!

Good Girls Revolt

Set in the swinging 60s at an American news magazine Patti, Jane & Cindy realize they want more from life. Working under their male counterparts who report the news they attempt to reach out beyond their researcher roles. A movement in time where feminism gains a foothold & a few bumpy steps closer to equality. Love, life and plenty of trouble will keep you hooked.

There may only ever be one season (stupid Amazon)!

Mozart In The Jungle

This took me so long to get round to watching this. It’s set around the New York Symphony orchestra and its new maestro Rodrigo the guy that stands in front waving a stick at the musicians as they play. he’s technically the main character but Hailey is the star of the show. She’s trying to get her big break as an oboist (not important) while maneuvering through love and life.

A drama, with lively characters and no need to understand the technical side of it to enjoy the music.

Mozart In The Jungle has 4 seasons for you to catch up on.

Flesh and Bone


Another drama with an art I’m not all that familiar with, ballet. Think Black Swan if you’ve seen it, a very dark and twisty look into the cutthroat life of a ballerina. So it’s not an original but it had to be on the list.

It’s only ever going to be one series as the story has an ending but it’s.


The Bold Type

My newest obsession is Bold Type. I originally explained this to a friend as a young modern Sex & The City. Set around 3 women working for a fashion magazine it’s that work-life balance that’s key to this. The episodes delve into much more realistic situations that women can relate to.

Season 2 recently was released and I’m sure there will be a third!


The great thing about Amazon Prime Video is you can get a 30-day free trial. You can watch a lot of free TV in that space of time, I know I did. I think there is an assumption it’s more expensive than Netflix. It’s the same price for both except with Amazon you get free one-day delivery, access to 1000’s of books on Kindle for free & even Prime music is included too.

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