Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling

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Could this weather just make up it’s mind, I left the house it’s rainy and by the time I’m back the sun blazes through the dark cloud. How do you pick an outfit for this kind of day? I wanted to do something a bit different an show you how my makeup looked at the end of the day and what lasted. Also how the new Smashbox Always Sharp eyeliner I recently picked up stood up to a full days wear. It was applied about 11am and taken off at about 8pm. Don’t you just love the amount of daylight we are getting I know I am.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling - mi - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend
The closest to cute I will ever get, feeling the whimsy of Easter!

In the spirit of full disclossure I’m not exactly great at eyeliner. This is the first time I’ve got past the front door with winged eyeliner. Please don’t judge but this took me about 30 minutes to do my make up and 20 of those were doing the eyeliner! But this look is all about the eyeliner. When I picked up the Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner it was for that reason always sharp and in theory it works. The end gets blunt you pop the lid back on twist it shut then take it back off again and it’s sharp again. In this way this is beauty magic as it doesn’t waste any and no need for an extra sharper.

Applying Smashbox Always Sharp

I found the easiest way was to pull my lid outwards to get a smooth surface to apply. It wasn’t perfect but it was reasonably easy. Getting the wings even and adjusting for a non symmetrical face that’s where it became a pain. In the end I cheated I applied the angled lined up the kinda smushed it above this and filled in . Next I took my trust cotton bud and micellar water and used this to clean the line up. Because it’s waterproof you can kinda nudge it into place a little as well as sweep off the excess. I did end up doing this multiple times I’m a perfectionist till I get board then go with what’s close enough.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling eyes - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - collage

These were also taken after the 9 hours it had been on. About 95% was still there pretty much how I had left it. The other 5% was where a bit had ended up on the lower waterline which I’m considering picking up the nude version to go there. The other bit was it had fuzzed on the inner of the eye but I think I applied it a bit too far in as this happens with other eyeliners just usually worse. Do I love it I’m not sure but will I work at it? Yes I will as it was £16 and I’m hoping with time my skills will improve. Any ideas or tips let me know.

As for the rest of my make up I only apply the Studio Skin foundation lightly as it goes well with the Benefit Porefessional primer it’s just a tad took dark to be worn anything more than a light coverage. The blusher had long gone by then and I never got round to reapplying the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine which lasted about 5 – 6 hours but I don’t mind that so much as it’s a nude shade to begin with so the wear wasn’t as obvious.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling -products  Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

Everything I Applied