All Nighter Urban Decay Setting Spray

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I often wear a powder foundation out of sheer laziness but I always follow it with another product without fail. I always find that as the name suggests you get that powdery finish that can easily look over done or far from natural. I also use many powder products including blusher, eyeshadow & brow powder that need a little more staying powder so they don’t drop down my face. This is where Urban Decay All Nighter comes in, something you never knew you needed!

This is something I use almost every time I wear make up but only after a busy day so I see the difference. I rarely use my compact during the day to add more powder & where I apply blusher in the morning I find it still on my cheeks where I left it. Urban Decay have created how I can only really put it as a hair spray for your face. Which I say to only compare & not suggest you use it. I have heard some women do use hair spray & can’t imagine it’s good for your skin.

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I can’t show you how I can only tell you that when I first got this I didn’t get on with it at all. I followed the instructions to spray from at least a foot away from the face and spray left to right, up to down then both diagonal directions. This I found was way too much all at once. It made my face feel wet like my make up would run. I can’t remember who made the suggestion but another blogger said to spray it on your powder brush then use this to apple that way it only goes on your face where you choose and not on your hair or in your ears.

The big thing I also like is if I over powder as I sometimes get carried away on day dream while applying then I use this and it seems to make the make up even out as if I hadn’t ever made a mess. This is much easier than trying to wipe away and start again. It is rather expensive with what looks like water in a spray bottle but it does the job and I’m happy with it. I only bought the travel size at £9 for 30 ml but when if I do eventually run out I intend to buy the full size which is £20 for 118 ml. I got the small one to see if I liked it as you can see you get nearly 4 times the amount in the bigger bottle. The one I’m using still seems like there is a fair bit in so I’m good for now.

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All Nighter