All About Lips by Clinique – A Quick Lip Fix

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If you’d said to me a year ago I’d be wearing lipstick I’d have laughed at you, it just wasn’t me. Now it’s my new love & I’m always looking at new shades. For lipstick to work you have to prep your lips which I’ve already written about. Even so I still forget sometimes to do these steps to give me a good base to work with. When I forget & even if I don’t I’ve added this extra step in for good measure. I new saying is “It’s all about lips”!

All About Lips was a bit of a “Did I really buy that purchase?” It’s £19 for 12ml which in my right mind I’m still shocked I bought it. I have to give credit (blame lol) to 30SomethingMel on Youtube as it was her recommendation on Youtube that made me want it so bad. I’m all for an easier life and this was a possible fix for bad lip days.

All About Lips - Clinique  mi


All About Lips – What it Should Do

For the most part I saw this as a lazy girls lip prep. It’s a bit strange applying a cream to the lips but it has a silky texture to it that helps. I was expecting it to taste horrible as it’s a cream on your lips but it’s not at all. There’s a taste on your lips a little but that disappears once it’s dry. You apply it to the edges of your lips as it is meant to smooth wrinkles that can cause lipstick to bleed. It’s aim is to give a smooth surface for lipstick to adhere to.

All About Lips - Clinique  fi



If your careful with pressure on the pump I can do half a pump which is enough to do my lips. I apply this first before any other primers so it has time to dry down. I put it on my lips then a little around the edges it’s initially white but turns clear. I just do it with my fingers as it’s the quickest way to spread it out before it sinks in.


When used every time you do your makeup this can almost become forgotten about. It’s hard to see results as you could assume it’s the lipstick that’s caused improvements. For me it was only when I realised lipstick hadn’t bled without applying a lip liner that it was a big difference. This was more apparent than ever when I had a cut on my lip that looked awful once it scabbed over. A lovely image you can imagine but to think of applying lipstick over it would have looked awful & pointless. I chanced it and gave All About Lips a chance, the best test for it other than the coming Autumn/Winter. My newer splurge a Bobbi Brown Art Stick was urging me too as I hadn’t used it at that point. If you saw my lips you couldn’t tell there was even a problem. The chubby pencil is good on its own but it can’t fix what you apply it too but All About Lips did. You couldn’t even tell there was anything under the lipstick it completely camouflaged it. It’s things like this that make lipstick more comfortable and easy to apply and wear.

Any Cons?

After a long day say 8-10 hours this sort of cracks. It’s almost like the layer underneath finally pulls apart. This pulls the lipstick apart with it. You can still reapply & top up your colour you just have to be aware that it can happen. It’s a small bottle so I don’t know how long it will last but the real test is that “Winter Is Coming”!

All About Lips – 12 ml – £19 (Debenhams)

For more information see Clinique.