After Bath / Shower Routine

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After Bath Shower Routine - mi


After bath routine? When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get out of the bath like it was chore that I was made to go through. Now it’s my happy place, my space to relax and unwind and just simply allow my aching bones to rest. When I was little a big part of it was because of the dermatitis I had and after a bath it involved cream and ointments being applied that were either sticky or smelly. It’s taken a long time to pull away from that way of thinking and recently I’ve really stuck myself to a good routine that’s enjoyable. Before I get into this I usually do my skin care routine so it’s free from any extra product on my hands getting on my face.

After Bath – Feet First

My biggest hate about getting out after a super long soak are my feet feeling dry. I spend most of the day on them and the are nicknamed my man feet  because their a size 9 and I do technically a man job ( but I do it better lol). For a long time I just used body butters but they can feel a little too greasy especially on wooden, tiled or lino floors. It’s a slippery mess so I tried The Body Shop Peppermint foot lotion (£8 250 ml) out first. With this I tend to use too much and it’s too wet if that makes sense it just takes too long to rub in. I replaced this with the Intensive Foot Rescue (£9 100 ml) version. You get a lot less but you use a lot less. It’s like a really thick creamy balm but it spreads out enough to cover all your foot but then sinks into it. That and the N07 Foot Balm (£9.95 75 ml) work for me very similar except The Body Shop is very peppermint scented good for tired feet and the N07 is there signature scent which is more I’m ready for bed and so are my feet.

After Bath – Body Butter Me Up

We all know the best time to do this is straight from the bath. I was told that leaving your skin wet also helps , myth or not it’s not for me. Me moisturising is all about how much I can be bother to do it. I don’t not do it but if I’m tired or rushed I go for The Body Shop Coconut Milk Lotion (£8 250 ml). I can spray this on to all the places I ‘m gonna use it and you don’t get it running or dripping off as you use it. Just put it down and then you have both hands to rub it all in. This dries off pretty quick so you don’t get your jim jams (PJ’s) sticking to you. It smell amazing as well which is a big plus. The other if I’m taking my time and want really soft skin is the N07 is the Quenched Moisturising Lotion (£10.50 200 ml). It takes more work to rub in and I would say it’s closer to a body butter in thickness than a lotion. It doesn’t mix well if your skins still wet but just takes a little longer to rub in. I do you other Body butters but usually later on when I’m heading towards going to sleep.

After Bath – Hair Raising Fun

I can’t get over how much I love the Scent of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Condition (£3.59 200 ml) I use this after baths every time. Smells amazing and makes my hair super soft, to say I use this on dry hair as well I can’t believe I’m only about half way through the bottle. I have super long hair and spray a hefty amount all the way through. I then finish off with a little of the John Freida Extra Strength Serum (£6.29 50 ml). I don’t regularly blow dry my hair but this just adds a little shine and tames the frizzy bits. I love the coarse version as when I do blow dry it just helps make it a hell of a lot less like a lions mane.