Adding Some Extra Red With Directions

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This was taken yesterday, honestly I only had make-up on because I looked dead otherwise as I’m still getting over being ill. Over the last week as I’ve washed my hair I was getting a bit anxious as it felt like the ends of my hair were washing out into a ginger shade. Me being me I couldn’t let it rest & on Friday night I experimented with Directions Hair Colours. Before you begin unless your hair is blonde or has been lightened (bleached) Directions won’t lift your hair colour. If you have dark hair to begin with it won’t do much of anything. I had mine lightened & dyed red last week which is why it’s work well on mine which you can see in my Red Hair Don’t Care post.

dirctions hair colour experiment

The Directions Red Mix

I took about a third of a pot of Rubine & half a pot of Pillarbox Red & mixed it together with what used to be my Eco Tools Foundation brush! I recycled a pot that did have The Body Shop Apple Bath Gelee in, which to be honest was rubbish. Not enough smell or bubbles for how much you used & it was so much messing around. Anyhow I then mixed in hair conditioner, other than it being white any will do. I used the Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner which is half price at the moment just £2.19 at . It’s a great conditioner that’s 97% natural & because it smells of shea butter and olive it made the Directions smell good too. This is a bonus if like me you intended to leave it on a long while. I mixed in the conditioner to make it more like a hair mask that also builds up colour slowly. The Directions dye is like a stain & it’s not damaging to your hair as it fills in where the hair is more porous. It will fade with washing but I’m going to experiment with different mixes.

The Method

Gloves, gloves, gloves people! Don’t do this without gloves or you will have hands as bright as the dye you’ve created! I actually put the dye on while having a bath with a mirror propped up behind the taps. That way was the least messy way I ever done semi-permanent dye. I also started from the top doing a layer at a time then clipping them over to the other side of my parting. Once I’d done one side I flipped it back but twisted it round & clipped it back up & away from my shoulders. I then did the same with the second side. Once I’d finished I clipped it all up I left it in as long as I could stand. I did get some on my legs & a little on my arm but I did find mixing it with conditioner meant the staining on my skin only lasted a day. I had some on my scalp on my parting which was bright pink, I just took a wet wipe to it & about 80% came off which I was happy with. I also noticed that when I washed it off, which I also wore gloves for it didn’t stain my face like it used too.

Red Results

I think that it’s come out a much brighter red than last week which I’m really enjoying. I’ve got to say that without the hair cut I think it would have been more trouble to do. I really like that because it was professionally lightened the colour is much more even. I’m even ok with the roots coming through darker it suits the look I think.

So that’s my first experiment in a long time with vibrant shades. I’m looking at the Manic Panic amplified range for the next attempt. However I’m still going to use the conditioner method because it’s so much easier & less messy. The pot above was full & I still have about half of it left so I may just add more Direction. What do you think? I’m half thing maybe a more pink shade possibly Dark Tulip or Rose Red?

Jess x